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Hello everyone!

We are finally back with a new Raw MEP and let me just say that this is probably my favorite Raw MEP from us so far!!! I am absolutely blown away by the outcome and I really hope you guys will enjoy it just as much! We decided to go with a sports anime only theme this time to make things a bit more interesting and while this song was certaintly difficult to pull off I think everyone did an amazing job!!

And yes we are aware that this song is about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. ;p

Anyways, a big shout out to everyone who did 2 parts, I literally can’t thank you enough and an even bigger shout out to Kasu who did 2 parts with one of them being a super last minute replacement. You saved my life here ♥

Anyways, without further ado, please hit that play button and appreciate all those sporty bois! 😀



00: umbreon34lps || Diamond no Ace
01: Kinlak || Yurio || Yuri on Ice
02: KanoHeichou || Midorima || Kuroko no Basuke
03: faileas || Oharano || All Out
04: shayne || Akashi || Kuroko no Basuke
05: HeichouSWAGx || Viktor || Yuri on Ice
06: KaddamiMysu || Kise || Kuroko no Basuke
07: ayesai || Aomine || Kuroko no Basuke
08: X1xSakuraYukkix7X || Haru || Free
09: ayesai || Ebumi || All Out
10: HeichouSWAGx || Takao || Kuroko no Basuke
11: Haelystic || Yuuri || Yuri on Ice
12: KanoHeichou || Riku || Prince of Stride
13: faileas || Kiyoharu || Ballroom e Youkoso
14: LadyKuro || Nash Gold Jr. || Kuroko no Basuke
15: KaddamiMysu || Oikawa || Haikyuu


Programs: Vegas Pro, After Effects


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