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Updated December 4, 2022 by Ernie

Are you looking for a good cosplay fit for a Halloween party? Or perhaps a Cosplay event? Or for other occasions? 

Well, my dear readers, you have come to the right blog! Cosplay has never been so easy, thanks to these characters! Plus, the fit can probably be found in your closet, making it very accessible! Now without further ado, here are all of the lists of the characters!


20. Touka Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul)

By: Celty Farron (IG:@celtyfarron)

Now, let us begin with a Tokyo Ghoul Character! A little bit about Touka is that she is a Ghoul who wants to coexist with humans and lead a peaceful life. She is a waitress in a cafe called Anteiku, though all workers there are ghouls. Anyways, she is one of the most prominent characters in the series because of how hard she tried to protect those people that she loved.

You may probably think it’s hard to cosplay her but it is actually quite easy if we just learn to incorporate her outfit. On a more specific note, the outfit I’m talking about is her waitress outfit! Now, for the materials, you’ll need a white long-sleeve button-up collared blouse, black pencil skirt, brown necktie, black vest, brown apron, black stockings, and black shoes. Then voila, you are now Kaneki’s wife!

19. Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

By: Coser KumaQi熊祁  (IG:@kumaqiiii_)

For the next person that is easy to cosplay is this Hunk of a Demon-Butler, Sebastian! He is one of the most simpable characters in Anime History, I mean, just look at those devilish looks, you could stare at him the whole day without even blinking an eye. Anyways, if you guys don’t know the anime series “Black Butler,” then I highly recommend you guys watch this GOLD of a series.

Anyways, you may think that it is hard to Cosplay this gorgeous man, but his outfit is actually quite easy to incorporate if you have this stuff at home. The clothes that you would need are Black dress pants, a blazer with chains, a tie, a white dress shirt, gloves, and shiny black shoes. Once you put that outfit together, you’ll be looking like Ciel’s demon Butler!

18. Nagisa Shiota (Assassination Classroom)

By: Kleiner Pixel (IG: @kleinerpixel)

Well, well, well, we have here a student of Koro-Sensei and one of the most well-known characters in the Assassination Classroom anime series. If you guys don’t know him, he is the blue-haired guy that looks like a girl. He may look like a fragile person but he has a knack of being an assassin. However, he follows Koro-sensei’s footsteps and decides to become a teacher.

Nagisa is a cute guy that can be cosplayed by both men and women. In addition to that, he is one of the easy characters to cosplay, you could either buy his clothes online for a very cheap price or you can find them all in your wardrobe. For his clothes, you’ll be needing a plain white collared blouse, a black necktie, a black vest, gray slacks and black shoes. After that, just a bit of his props that are needed like his dagger and bracelet then you are finished!

17. Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

By: Hakken (IG: @_hakkencoser_)

The character that we all can’t hate after knowing the truth as to why he joined the Akatsuki and murdered the entire Uchiha Clan. I tell you, this guy deserves better! As we all know, Itachi is the older brother of Sasuke and he is one of the strongest characters there in Naruto. 

Unfortunately, he is also one of the characters with the saddest death of all anime history. There are tons of fans out there who shed tears when they saw him die and I am one of them! Anyways, another good thing about him is that he is also widely popular so that means he is an easy one to cosplay.

The only thing you’ll need to spend money on is the Akatsuki’s Cloak and the Ninja Headband that he constantly wears. Other than that, you’ll only need a black shirt, net shirt and pants as well as his necklace which can be made by yourself, his ring, and a pair of sandals.

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16. Yumeko Jabami (Kakegurui)

By: Minami Hamabe (IG: @minami_hamabe.official)

A gambling-crazed woman that has become trending with her crazy eyes and amazing skills in gambling. Well, it’s more of like an addiction though, but we all love her regardless! Jabami may look innocent and pure at first but boy, when she starts playing, that is when she will show her true colors– A crazy girl. 

Anyways, there are two ways to achieve her outfit look– the first one is to just buy her school uniform and I tell you, since she is a very famous character, I bet her costume is cheap (trust me). The second one would be making the outfit yourself and by that I meant for you to watch DIY videos about it. Plus, when you add her crazy facial expression then you are all settled in portraying Jabami!

15. Rin Tohsaka (Fate Series)

By: May Sakaali (DeviantArt: MaySakaali)

Now we have here a character from the Fate Series! Rin is one of the main characters of this series and is the Master of Archer in the Fifth Holy Grail War. Our girl is a very smart person as well as perceptive too, competitive and resourceful. This girl is very wise and capable of handling situations in a calm manner.

In cosplaying her, just like Jabami, you can do either of these two things– the first one is to buy her outfit online for a cheap price or incorporate an outfit on your own which can easily be done. All you need is a red turtleneck long-sleeve shirt that has a big cross in the middle, a black school skirt, black high-knee stockings or socks, brown school shoes, and lastly her infamous ruby necklace (which you can just buy online for cheap).  

14. Platelet (Cells at Work!)

By: SeeU (IG: @seeuxiaorou)

We have an adorable character here and it is very, VERY easy to cosplay! All you have to do is get yourself an oversized sky blue shirt, beige shorts, yellow bag, boots, and a white 血小板 baseball hat. Then, poof! You are now a certified Platelet cell!

Now, if you guys don’t know what anime I’m talking about, it’s a fun series called “Cells at Work.” A bit about this anime is that it talks about the cells inside our body that work in unison every day to keep us healthy. We would be able to see them fighting against bad bacteria that run through our body as well as disease and the notorious cancer cells. 

What’s fun about this series is that all the cells have a specific color that identifies what or who they are. And, going back, this character is very easy to cosplay to the point that you wouldn’t need to spend money on it since it can be found in your house.

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13. White Blood Cells (Cells at Work!)

By: Greptyle (IG: @greptyle)

Now, if we have the platelet, of course, White Blood Cells should be included! I don’t know about you but there are tons of fans that are simping for this man, I mean, he is attractive! But the fact that he is a CELL, well… I have no words because I simp for him too! So no judgment guys!

For this hunk of a man, cosplaying him is another easy thing to do and you won’t have to spend money for it if these materials are present in your wardrobe! So the first thing you’ll be needing is a plain white collared long sleeve, any plain white pants (could be jeans, jogger pants, etc.), white gloves, white boots, and a white baseball cap that has “白血球” written on it.

12. Red Blood Cells (Cells at Work!)

By: Ittibunny (IG: @ittibunny)

If there are White Blood Cells, then of course, Red Blood Cells should be included am I right?! They are like an inseparable pair that always go together like coffee and chocolate (I tell you, coffee and chocolate taste so good together). Anyways, as we all know, Red Blood Cells function as the cell that carries the oxygen from our lungs and all over our body. Which was depicted in the anime, correctly.

Red Blood Cell is another anime character that is very easy to cosplay and as I’ve mentioned before, you’ll probably be able to see these clothes on your wardrobe like White Blood Cell and Platelets or you’ll get to buy these clothes for a cheap price since it’s everywhere. So what you’ll need is a plain red jacket, plain black t-shirt, denim shorts, red fanny pack, red boots and of course, the iconic red-black fiddler cap

11. Rachel Gardner (Angels of Death)

By: Edeets (DeviantArt: edeets)

We have here a unique character from Angels of Death. If you don’t know this series, I highly suggest that you guys watch it! Anyways, this is a psychological, thriller series that revolves around a kid named Rachel. She wakes up in an underground facility of a hospital, each floor’s design is tailored solely for the psychopathic murderer that resides there, with that, Rachel together with Isaac has to escape on each floor until they reached the highest floor.

Rachel is an easy one to cosplay because her outfit only consists of an oversized striped black and white t-shirt, black cycling shorts or any kind of black shorts, a lab coat, a black sling bag, and boots. You may have probably noticed, but her clothes can be found easily in our closet at our home, so cosplaying Rachel is super easy.

10. Jinta (Ano Hana)

By: Link 130890 (DeviantArt: Link130890)

You may have probably heard or seen this guy from the hit anime series called “Ano Hana.”  He is one of the main characters of the series and technically the leader of his pact (when they were children). A little about Jinta is that when he was a kid he was a very outgoing and fun child. However, after the death of one of his childhood friends, he turned into a shut-in.

As far as I know, this guy is another character who is very easy to cosplay with since his outfit is something we all might have in our closet! The only hard one here is his red shirt with a “地底人” written on it which means, “Underground People.” Well, technically it’s not hard to make a shirt like that since you can purchase it for a cheap price or make one at home. Another piece of clothing  to perfect Jinta is his denim pants and add his black sneakers then you are ready to go!

9. Natsume (Natsume’s Book of Friends)

By: Coser KumaQi熊祁  (IG:@kumaqiiii_)

The guy who could see spirits! If you guys don’t know which anime he is from, well, he is from Natsume’s Book of Friends. It is a six-season  series that revolves around an orphaned guy who has a special ability in seeing spirits. One day, he came across his grandmother’s diary which talks about binding spirits, and his life began to turn around.

So if you like this character and plan to cosplay him well, my dear readers he is included in this list for a reason, because he is really easy to cosplay. All you need is a plain white polo shirt, black slacks, and black shoes as well as a black school bag since he is a student. With that, you’ll be able to pull him off easily.

8. Android 17 (Dragon Ball Z)

By: Naomi (DeviantArt: NaomiMoonZ)

A very well-known character from Dragon Ball Z. Android 17, his real name is “Lapis,” was kidnapped alongside Android 18 by Dr. Gero. After that, they were programmed to kill Goku. However, things changed after the Cell Saga and with that, I won’t spoil much any longer about this guy so I hope you guys watch Dragon Ball Z.

Anyways, if you are planning to cosplay Android 18, well you are in luck! It’s because his outfits are all mainly based on regular clothes that can probably be found in your closet with an addition of some accessories. For his clothes, you’ll be needing a plain black shirt with the “R&R” logo stitched on it, a plain white long-sleeve  shirt, denim jeans, a holster, an orange bandana, blue shoes, and a pair of lime green long socks

7. Abigail Jones (The Great Pretender)

By: Anuli (IG: @thouartanuli)

One of my favorite characters in The Great Pretender, Abigail or is best known as Abby is a talented con artist, she could easily fool you with her amazing looks and great intellect! However, she had a really sad past. When she was a kid, Abby used to be a ballet dancer, however because of a war that suddenly broke out in Iraq all her bright dreams were ruined. 

Anyways, if you guys want to know more about her, then I suggest you guys watch this cool series! With regards to cosplaying her, it is actually quite easy since her outfits are all just regular clothes that can be found in your closet. You’ll only be needing a plain yellow jumpsuit, black shirt, and a pair of white sneakers. Then, you are done!

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6. Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

By. Dying Caloy (DeviantArt: dyingcaloy)

One of the main characters in Cowboy Bebop, Spike Spiegel is a cool character because of how skillful he is in combat. He is a bounty hunter out there looking for cash. However, he used to be part of a criminal group having a huge bounty on his head. Spike Spiegel, is a very chill guy who has a cool composure that makes him really badass.

In addition to that, he is very easy to cosplay since his outfits are all regular clothes. All you need is a blue suit and pants, a yellow dress shirt, a black tie, and black shoes. Then, poof, you are a bounty hunter!

5. Shizuku (Hunter x Hunter)

By: Hunter Mihael Keehl (DeviantArt: Hunter-Mihael-Keehl)

A Phantom Troupe member– a notorious criminal syndicate in Hunter x Hunter. Though let me tell you something first, you probably won’t hate every single member there rather, you’ll find them dope! A bit about Shizuku is that she is one strong character in HxH and also one of the prettiest.

In addition to that, she is a character that is easy to portray (Except for her prop though because it looks kinda hard, but since we are talking about outfits then, let’s just say that’s not included uwu) since all you will be needing is a black long sleeve turtleneck top, denim jeans, green shoes, and an upside-down cross necklace. Once you’ve finished this whole outfit (with her black-rimmed glasses), you are now a certified member of the infamous Phantom Troupe!

4. Yato (Noragami)

By: Alexy Sky (IG: @alexy_sky_)

My personal favorite character of all time and someone who is very, VERY, easy to cosplay! I mean all you have to do is just get yourself a black with white stripes zippered jacket and jogger pants, gray shirt, blue scarf, and brown military boots. After that, you are now Yato, a former God of Calamity and now the future God of Fortune (well, after he gets a decent amount of followers though).

A bit about Yato, as I’ve mentioned previously, he used to be the God of Calamity in the past. However, in the present times, he aims to be a God of Fortune and wishes to obtain a temple for himself. This adorable man is very mischievous and funny, he actually reminds me of Gintoki from Gintama. If you guys haven’t watched Noragami yet, I highly suggest you guys start watching it because it’s a fun and exciting anime! 

3. Luffy (One Piece)

By: Yougami Daisuke (DeviantArt: YougamiDaisuke)

Well, well, well, now we have here a very famous anime character. Even if you don’t watch One Piece it’s obvious that you would know the one and only Monkey D. Luffy! Our Straw Hat, the main character of this Legendary series, who aims to be the Pirate King after finding the treasures of a pirate named Gol D. Roger.

With that, if you’re planning on cosplaying this man for an anime event or Halloween Party, you’re in luck, because he is one of the easiest characters to cosplay with (I mean, this is why he is part of the list… lol)! You’ll only need these few things to be able to rock Luffy– a red button down shirt that has yellow buttons, denim or light blue shorts with brown belt, a sombrero, plain yellow sash and lastly, slippers.

2. L (Death Note)

By: Mimi Prune (DeviantArt: Mimi-Prune)

Now, we have here an anime character who is SUPER DUPER easy to cosplay! I mean, I bet you have his clothes in your wardrobe already, you don’t really need to buy anything (well, except for the wig but we are talking about the outfit so… Technically, the hair is not included… I guess)! Like literally, he is like a CHEAT CODE among cosplayers because of how easy his fit are.

All you need from him is a plain white or dirty white long sleeve shirt, denim jeans or blue pants, and a pair of sneakers! With that, all you have to do is put together the fit and add a little bit of touch ups like the infamous “Death Note” notebook as a prop and a piece of candy (since we all know how L has a sweet tooth) then, there you have it! You are L!

1. Kaonashi/No Face (Spirited Away)

By: Joy Kodani (DeviantArt: JoyKodani)

For our last entry, we have Kaonashi from the best films out there, Spirited Away! He is one of the most memorable characters out there (aside from two the main character of course). If you guys don’t remember him, he is the one who constantly follows Chihiro. He always makes those moaning sounds whenever he communicates with others.

If you are a fan of him and are planning on cosplaying this guy, well, he is really, REALLY easy to cosplay as. All you need to prepare is a huge black fabric that covers your entire body (which includes your head). Wear an all black– long sleeve shirt, pants and socks. After that, his famous mask, which you can either create by yourself or buy online for a cheap price. Once you put the fit together, you will now be KAONASHI!


luffy gif

There you have it guys! Did you enjoy learning new information about cosplay outfits that are easy to pull? Well, I know I am! Also, I have now found the perfect character to cosplay and that is… Kaonashi! It is perfect for a lazy person like me lol.

Anyways, which anime character are you planning to cosplay for Halloween or perhaps a cosplay event? Let us know in the comment section below who it is! See you!

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