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Updated December 5, 2022 by Ernie

Well, well, well, perhaps you’re one of the avid players of this wonderful game? Have you been simping on all of the characters there and collecting your faves? Because, same y’all I simp to all characters in Genshin, even those who aren’t playable! 

Anyways, I have created a list of Genshin characters that are considered as Waifus & Husbandos. Though I do think that almost all of the characters present in the game can be considered as one since they all have some unique traits that would make you fall in love with them. With that, here is the list of Genshin Impacts’ waifus and husbandos that you’ll probably be simping over!


30. Jean Gunnhilder

A waifu who’ll take care of you like how she took care of Klee. The Acting Grand Master in the Knights of Favonious in Mondstadt and a waifu loved by many! One of the oldest five-star characters in Genshin and the elder sister of Barbara, we can’t deny that Jean is also considered to be a powerful character (well, I think all Genshin characters are very strong though), she’s like an all-rounder five star. She can heal and provide great damage if built well. 

29. Al Haitham

If you’re playing Genshin and have reached Sumeru then you have probably met him during the Archon quest. Though he isn’t a playable character in Genshin yet, but once Mihoyo decides to make him one, I am sure that tons of Fans would pull for this man! To the point that they might probably be spending money for him (and maybe his weapon) and I would be one of those people since I am simp for beautiful characters uwu. 

28. Kujou Sara

A stern and disciplined Waifu, The loyal soldier of Ei, who would do anything for Inazuma and the Shogun! She’s a Tengu that hates our Oni boy Itto, though this is the reason why tons of fans ship them both! Kujou is one of the four stars characters that can be considered a five-star, if her constellations are full, because of how powerful she is, her skills and powers are just out of this level!

27. Diluc Ragnvider

Our Batman in Genshin! He protects and attacks those enemies who target Mondstadt. Not only that, the reason why I say he is like Batman is that this man is filthy rich in Mondsadt! He has his own winery family business and he is a nobleman, a popular one to boot! Actually, this mysterious handsome man used to be a part of the Knight of Favonious but with some unknown circumstance, he quit though that did not stop him from protecting his home though.

26. Ningguang

The Rich Mom in Genshin Impact! Her business skills have given her the title of the Wealthiest woman in Liyue! She’s at the top of the top! 

She practically owns the entire trade market in Liyue Harbor, plus she has a floating castle too, called “Jade Chamber.” Even getting a glimpse of her would cost quite a hefty sum! This lady right here is the epitome of a Strong and Independent woman!

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25. Baizhu

Are you hurt somewhere? Or perhaps, you need some medicine? Well, this man will surely help you with your ailment, but of course for the right price since he is a pharmacist! Though he may be an NPC in Genshin, a lot of fans are hoping that one day this Beautiful man will be playable!

Once he’s gonna become playable, I bet a lot would pull for this man, they’ll even spend money for it (because I am one of those people who would probably do it)!

24. Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter

I still, lowkey, have a grudge against her after hurting my precious Venti. However, we can’t deny that this striking beauty is a certified Waifu! Also known as La Signora or her codename as “The Fair Lady,” she is one of the  antagonists in Genshin who is after the Gnosis of the Archons. She’s also a non-playable character in Genshin, though you can fight her in Inazuma but mind you, she’s one strong enemy.

23. Kaeya Alberich

If we have a Batman who protects Mondstadt in the Shadows, then we have a Knight and shining armor slash a Pirate iceboy, Kaeya! He’s one of the freebie characters in Genshin that you’ll probably obtain when you are still a newbie player. Fun fact, in Mondstadt Kaeya has the title of being the top candidate for Grandson-in-law (I’m not even surprised at all) because a lot of elderly are very fond of him and his smooth talking skills.

22. Ganyu

A precious character that we all must PROTECT no matter what! She is also one of the most popular waifu out there! I mean, just look at her, she’s just so pretty and innocent looking! This beautiful five-star character is a half-human, half-adeptus hybrid, who serves as Liyue Qixing’s secretary. 

21. Kazuha Kaedehara

The man who is one with the winds, a crew member of Beidou’s Crux Fleet, a (former) wanted criminal in Inazuma, and a descendant of a fallen noble clan. I don’t know about you guys, but he has a similar vibe to Venti in a way because he seemed carefree and chill. But little did we know he had a heart-wrenching past that makes you wanna give Kazuha a hug.

20. Sangonomiya Kokomi

One of Aether’s long list of women! Though not as popular as the other Waifus, Kokomi still holds quite a lot of notoriety among fans. She may be a beautiful priestess but this character is useful! Like any other character that has the power to heal her teammates (e.g. Barbara and Qiqi), Kokomi is on par with them– this means the chance of your team surviving is quite high.

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19. Pantalone

We have here another non-playable character, who’s also a part of the Fatui Harbinger! When Mihoyo released the entire Fatui Harbinger group, fans went crazy! Most especially towards this guy (though we still love our adorable Childe and Scaramouche uwu), just look at him and you’ll get what I mean!

I can’t even imagine what would happen if they make this guy a playable character, surely enough, everyone’s gonna try and pull for him!

18. Eula Lawrence

A noble descendant from Mondstadt, well to be precise, her family used to own slaves and ruled over Mondstadt before, when Venti decided to let his people manage it freely. She actually cut ties with her family because they still think they’re far more superior than the commoners. With that, she became the Captain of the Reconnaissance Company in the Knights of Favonious.

17. Xiao

We have here the baby of Zhongli and a Yaksha Adeptus that protects Liyue from harm! I tell you guys, don’t try messing with this midget he ( Zhongli, and his troop of simps) will come for you and beat you up! Xiao is one of the most favorite characters in Genshin by the fans because not only is he a powerful character but he is also a cute guy that you can’t take your eyes off!

16. Shenhe

I don’t know about you guys but white-haired characters have just a different vibe with others, they’re so attractive and charming! Some have actually mistaken her as an Adeptus like Xiao, but really though, she’s just a normal yet overpowered human being. The reason why she’s so strong was that she was raised by the Cloud Retainer after having a rough childhood.

15. Scaramouche

An adorable-looking boy, who is actually a part of the Fatui Harbinger! Plus, he is far  stronger than Childe because he is No. 6 in the ranks! This boy may look young but he is over a hundred years old!

He was created by Ei, the electro archon in Inazuma as a prototype puppet just to see if making one works. So technically, Scaramouche is Ei’s son in a way. Basically, this Kid is strong which is why tons of fans are still waiting for the time he would become a playable character!

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14. Kamisato Ayaka

Ayato’s little sister and one of Aether’s Harem of women! But don’t be fooled by her gentleness and innocent look, this gorgeous babe is one strong character in Genshin! She is known in Inazuma as Shirasagi Himegimi and is loved by all people residing there. 

I mean, what’s not to love? She is just so beautiful, wise, elegant and powerful too!

13. Venti

Our Drunkard Bard who is actually the Anemo Archon in Mondstadt, Barbatos or who we know as Venti! He even has his own church where people constantly pray, without them knowing that their Archon is out there vibin’ with his Lyre! This playful yet lazy God is someone who shouldn’t be messed with easily, he may be like that but considering that he is an Archon, he’ll surely beat the wits out of you!

12. Nilou

Now we have here a new face in Genshin! Plus, another Hydro Character who’s a star! If we have a Hydro Singer in Monstadt, we have a Dancer here in Sumeru and that is Nilou! She works under the Zubayr Theater and like any other girls, Nilou, is very cheerful, positive and cute! Maybe this is why tons of fans pair her up with Aether too!

11. Arataki Itto

The most adorable oni-giant, Itto! This man is just too loveable and is someone that all of us MUST protect (well, I think he’s the one who’s gonna do the protecting here)! I mean, we can’t deny how adorable this man is, plus, his dedication and passion would rub off on you too! I guess, this is why a lot of fans liked Itto so much and I am one of them!

10. Mona

We have a broke Witch! Like literally, she doesn’t have money at all! However broke she may be, Mona is actually quite smart of a character, she knows tons of stuff regarding astrology since she is an astrologist! Mona is also a Hydro Character from Mondstadt, despite having a lot of formidable five star characters that have been released, she’s still powerful to boot regardless!

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9. Dainsleif

We have here the epitome of a mysterious man, who has a mysterious past, plus a gorgeous face to fit the mysteriousity. He still may be a non-playable character now,  but we all know that he’s gonna be playable soon. And once he becomes playable, I know for sure that this man is gonna be pulled by many Genshin fans! I mean, just look at him, he’s alluring!

8. Lisa Minci

Don’t be fooled by this alluring beauty, this woman right here is not just all looks but she is one smart person! Well, that’s no wonder since she is a Librarian and her love for books knows no bounds! A fun fact about her since we already have Sumeru in-game is that Lisa is actually one of the most notable graduates in Sumeru Akademiya meaning– her smartness has been acknowledged even in the land of wisdom!

7. Thoma

The perfect husbando material, this man can cook, clean, and would probably be able to help you when you are in trouble, Thoma! This man who’s originally from Mondastdt is now helping out the Kamisato family from Inazuma as a housekeeper and a fixer. However, don’t be fooled by this man’s chillness because he is also considered to be one strong character who is not easy to be messed with!

6. Yelan

If you’re not simping on this woman, why? Just look at her! She even has the vibe of being an alluring woman! Plus, her looks are just to die for!

Not only her looks that are to die for but she might as well! Yelan is one mysterious woman who has a lot of jobs but she mainly works with Ningguang.

5. Kamisato Ayato

The man who chugs tons and tons of Bobas! This man’s love for Boba Milk Tea is out of this world (love me too uwu)! He even has a hidden storage of boba milk tea in his sleeves!

After Mihoyo announced that he’s gonna be a playable character, lo and behold the internet broke! Well, more like tons of Genshin fans went crazy for this man, everyone was trying their luck to pulling for him! Though that isn’t something to be surprised about, this man is STUNNING!

4. Yae Miko

Who doesn’t love a nine-tailed fox lady?! Because, if ya’ll don’t you are truly missing out on the greatness in life! This alluring Kitsune had fans going crazy and when she got released as a playable character, I tell you, everyone tried hard to pull for her!

Anyways, she owns the Yae Publishing House as well as the overseer of the Grand Narukami Shrine. Yae is Ei’s only friend left in Inazuma and is one of the most simpable Inazuman characters inside the game.

3. Tartaglia

Zhongli’s wallet, a Schenzanayan hottie, the No. 11 in the Fatui Harbingers, and the only playable character who is Schenznayan, Childe! If you’re wondering why we call him Childe instead of Tartaglia, it’s because this is his real name. Not only is he a hottie and an overpowered criminal but this man is also a Family man! He is indeed tartargalicious

He takes good care of his siblings, especially his little brother! However evil the Fatui may be, Childe also disliked being a part of that organization but since he doesn’t have anywhere else to go, he stayed for his siblings. 

2. Raiden Shogun

The shut-in (well, not anymore) Electro Archon who governs Inzamua and has a fox friend, Ei! In the past, Ei created a puppet that looked just like her and named her as the Shogun of Inazuma while she resided in the Plane of Euthymia. Like all the other Archon Gods, Ei has her own traumas that she’s experiencing which is why people want to protect this adorable girl!

Special Mentions: 

Before I conclude this blog, I would like to special mention some notable husbandos and waifu that haven’t been included in this list which are, Albedo, Barbara, and Tighnari. These three characters from Mondstadt are just so attractive! Not only are they attractive, but they’re one strong character in Genshin too!! 

1. Zhongli

Of course, we shouldn’t forget the ONE and ONLY retired Geo DILF-Archon, Zhongli! One of the most popular, simpable characters in Genshin! Though, he still takes good care of Liyue (and his baby Xiao) regardless of being a retired God. Oh, and did I mention that he doesn’t have any Mora with him, even though he has the power to make one. 

Zhongli is considered to be one of the strongest characters in Genshin of all time since he has both defense and offense as his strong suit! He can also provide shields toward his teammates in-game!


With that being said, I hope you guys enjoyed reading and sightseeing these beautiful and handsome Genshin characters! Also, comment down below who’s your fave among the list! Mine is, of course, Zhongli since he is my main, and I built him well uwu.

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