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Updated December 4, 2022 by Ernie

Duos in Anime is something that we all constantly see, they are like a perfect, well-balanced pair that you know suits each other well. When one of them is missing, surely, it would feel weird that they aren’t together. There are a lot of Duos out there that we can consider ICONIC but these characters that I’ll be mentioning are just the PERFECT pair!

Anyhoo, here are the duos that are ICONIC in Anime!


30. Natsu x Happy

Title Fairy Tail
Author Hiro Mashima
Genre Adventure, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio A-1 Pictures, Statelight, Bridge, Cloverworks
Premiered 2009-2019
Episode Count 328 episodes
Duration 24 mins. per ep.

Of course we should begin with this adorable pair right here who’s Natsu and Happy! They are literally an inseparable pair! Not to mention, both of them have each other’s back no matter what! Natsu and Happy have been together since childhood, these two have been through thick and thin together. They already know what the other is thinking!

Natsu Dragneel is a Salamander as well as a Dragon Slayer who joined Fairy Tail since he was a child after dragneel left. Meanwhile, Happy is an Exceed that grew up alongside Natsu inside the guild.

29. Hiro x Zero Two

Title Darling in the Franxx
Author Kentaro Yabuki, 
Genre Action, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Type Series
Studio A-1 Pictures, Trigger, CloverWorks
Premiered 2018
Episode Count 24 episodes
Duration 23 mins. per ep.

The couple that drove us into an emotional roller-coaster ride with their love story! The couple that gave us tons of realization about life and love itself! If you haven’t watched this series yet, I highly suggest you guys binge it right now, it is truly worth it!

Hiro and Zero Two have become one of the most popular lovers in the mecha anime because of how their relationship flourished. In the entire series, we saw how rocky their relationship was, but their connection together is just so strong. 

28. Goku x Vegeta

Title Dragon Ball Z
Author Akira Toriyama
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Toei Animation
Premiered 1989-1996
Episode Count 291 episodes
Duration 24 mins. per ep.

These two are definitely an ICONIC pair that even those who don’t follow Dragon Ball knew of them both! We all know that these two characters right here used to be rivals that were each other’s neck for quite some time. However, as time passed both of them have become more civil towards each other and in some instances they both pair up to fight against an enemy, plus, they even had a fusion together! 

In fact, Vegeta learned to look at Goku more in a respectable manner though he was still jealous of him and his abilities. What makes their relationship cool is that their bromance is borderline close to being an old married couple which is a sight to see!

27. Mugen x Jin

Title Samurai Champloo
Author Masaru Gotsubo
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy
Type Series
Studio Manglobe
Premiered 2004-2005
Episode Count 26 episodes
Duration 24 mins. per ep.

What makes these guys a unique duo is that, they aren’t even friends, quite similar with Goku and Vegata, to begin with let alone acquaintances! However, they are both experiencing the same predicament and have to team-up together. Both Mugen and Jin are an amazing swordsman to the point that, when in battle, they are insync to each other’s movements!

It’s like they know what the other would do and once they both unsheathe their swords, I tell you, the fight is gonna be EPIC! You’ll surely be left in awe with how amazing their teamwork is!

26. Kakashi Hatake x Might Guy

Title Naruto
Author Masashi Kishimoto
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Type Series
Studio Studio Pierrot
Premiered 2002-2007
Episode Count 220 episodes
Duration 23 mins. per ep.

It is a known fact that these two go way, way back since they are still young. I just love how they also have a bit of a rivalry towards each other, though it’s mainly one-sided, but the fact that Kakashi acknowledges Might Guy’s advances says enough with how he sees him as a formidable person. 

These two certainly have the bromance vibe that we all live for! As you can see, Kakashi is the serious-type of a person and Guy is the goofy, happy-go-lucky person who is also passionate about his goal in being a strong person which is why they are a great pair.

25. Dazai x Kunikida

Title Bungo Stray Dogs
Author Sango Harukawa
Genre Action, Supernatural, Mystery
Type Series
Studio Bones
Premiered 2016, 2019
Episode Count 37 episodes
Duration 23 mins. per ep.

Okay, hear me out, you might probably be thinking that it’s supposed to be Dazai and Chuuya, I mean, they are also a fun pair to the point that a lot of us ship them both! But these two pairs right here are so underrated and iconic too!

They are literally the polar opposite of each other! One is a suicidal maniac, who is quite chill with his job and the other is a diligent office worker, these two are definitely a sight to watch! Even their little banters are amusing too! But once, they both get serious, they’re a pair you don’t wanna mess with! 

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24. Isaac x Miria

Title Baccano!
Author Ryoga Narita
Genre Action, Comedy, Mystery, Romance
Type Series
Studio Brain’s Base
Premiered 2007
Episode Count 13 episodes
Duration 24 mins. per ep.

Is it even a question why these two are a part of this list? They are literally relationship goals! Not to mention these duo, despite having such a dark past, has brought out tons of fun and comedic punch in the series.  ESPECIALLY the comedic punch, every time they show up on screen, their humor would always hit the right spot and will make you laugh so much!

These two are a fun and unique couple who are basically the epitome of partners in crime! It is no doubt that these two have each other’s back no matter what!

23. Red Blood Cell x White Blood Cell

Title Cells At Work!
Author Akane Shimuzu
Genre Comedy, Educational, Medical
Type Series
Studio David Productions, LIDENFILMS
Premiered 2018, 2021
Episode Count 34 episodes
Duration 23 mins. per ep.

We can’t deny that these pairs shall never be separated at all! I mean, like literally, even in real life these two are one of the reasons that keeps us alive! If one of them is scarce then our body will experience dangerous ailments! Cells at Work is a great anime series that describes well on how the cells in our body works, which makes us understand it easily. 

And the prominent characters here are both Red and White Blood Cell. We could see how White Blood Cell is like a guardian that protects the body from bad bacterias that comes in our body while the Red Blood Cell is the one who transports oxygen all over our body!

22. Kageyama x Hinata

Title Haikyuu!!
Author Haruichi Furudate
Genre Sports, Drama
Type Series
Studio Production I.G.
Premiered 2014, 2016, 2020
Episode Count 83 episodes
Duration 23 mins. per ep.

From the start till the end of the series Kageyama and Hinata are one of the most powerful duos out there! Though, both of them have different personalities and vibe these two guys right here have two things in common. These two are super passionate with their love for volleyball, they always shine through whenever they are playing.

Another thing they both have in common is their stubbornness or headstrong personality that would influence others. Though they aren’t the best of friends in the series, these two are truly a remarkable pair in terms of playing ball. 

21. Maka x Soul

Title Soul Eater
Author Atsushi Okubo
Genre Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural
Type Series
Studio Bones
Premiered 2008-2009
Episode Count 51 episodes
Duration 23 mins. per ep.

An underrated pair that aren’t canon but mainly two partners who work hard in beating up the bad guys. What I meant in being partners is that, Soul is Maka’s weapon, to be precise, Soul transforms into a Scythe, which Maka uses for battling against their enemies. Even though they constantly bicker, these two are close friends who understand each other well. 

Plus, they’re the polar opposite of each other which makes them super likable because we see their different perspectives come into one.

20. Joseph x Speedwagon

Title Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
Author Hirohiko Araki
Genre Action, Adventure, Supernatural
Type Series
Studio David Production
Premiered 2012-2013, 2015, 2016, 2019, 2022
Episode Count 179 episodes
Duration 24 mins. per ep.

Although, there are a lot of iconic duos in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, these two right here are the most memorable of them all, well at least for me. Joseph and Speedwagon are the most notable pair in the series because of how their relationship is built

What makes them an amazing pair is how deep their friendship is towards each other, they are each other’s emotional support. If one of them is in a pinch, the other would come for them to aid. These two right here have the purest forms of friendship that we all could ever ask for in anime!

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19. Kirito x Asuna

Title Sword Art Online
Author Reki Kawahara
Genre Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi,Thriller
Type Series
Studio A-1 Pictures
Premiered 2012, 2014, 2020
Episode Count 73 episodes
Duration 23 mins. per ep.

Kirito and Asuna are the power couple that we all love and could never get over with no matter what! These two lovers are certainly a pair that we shouldn’t mess with since they are both amazing fighters! Not only are they a lovely couple, but a duo who have amazing teamwork with each other! 

Plus, they would always protect each other no matter what! They both certainly have been through a lot of heartaches as well as happy memories together. Through thick or thin, they would constantly be with each other’s side. 

18. Rem x Ram

Title Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World
Author Tappei Nagatsuki
Genre Drama, Fantasy, Suspense, Isekai
Type Series
Studio White Fox
Premiered 2016, 2021
Episode Count 50 episodes
Duration 28 mins. per ep.

The one and oni-twin siblings! When they were first introduced in the anime series, I kid you not, they were an immediate star! A lot of fans instantly fell in love with these two adorable oni-sisters! I mean, who wouldn’t love these two girls, they’re too dazzling! You can’t help but be in awe with how lovely they both are!

Plus, these two are certified Waifus! Rem is a hardworking girl and dedicated to her job while Ram is a tsundere who always has sarcasm mixed in her words, aren’t they just perfect?

17. Yato x Yukine

Title Noragami
Author Adachitoka
Genre Action, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Bones
Premiered 2014, 2015
Episode Count 29 episodes
Duration 24 mins. per ep.

Yato and Yukine are broship canon that we never knew we needed! These two are literally the pillars of this show! Quite similar to Maka and Soul, Yukine transforms into Yato’s weapon when they begin to fight against their enemies! 

In addition to that, the source of strength of their weapons would be, how strong the link of their relationship is. Which is why we constantly see them both together, fighting and bonding, not to mention, how their relationship was built up. 

16. Sora x Shiro

Title No Game, No Life
Author Yu Kamiya
Genre Comedy, Fantasy, Ecchi, Isekai
Type Series
Studio Madhouse
Premiered 2014
Episode Count 12 episodes
Duration 23 mins. per ep.

If we are talking about an ICONIC DUOS then these two half-siblings shouldn’t be missed out on this list! These two gamers are super intelligent as well as calculative and wise. Plus they are inseparable to each other!

If they get separated from each other, they would literally break down like their world is crumbling apart! However, if these two are together, I tell you, they are unstoppable to the point that nobody can beat most especially in playing a game! Once you ask them to compete in a game, no matter what type of game that is, they’ll surely win!

15. Magna Swing x Luck

Title Black Clover
Author Yuki Tabata
Genre Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Studio Pierrot
Premiered 2017-2021
Episode Count 170 episodes
Duration 23 mins. per ep.

As we all know, the Black Bulls Company is like a family who have a strong bond to each other. However, Magna and Luck have a special relationship (well, not that kind of special bond guys) they’re like real brothers who constantly banter and fight all the time. But, once someone tries to mess with the other, surely, the other one will come for you!  

These two are like an underrated duo that are fun to watch! Whenever both of them show up on screen and banter or prank each other, you just can’t help but laugh out loud from these two cuties!

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14. Bakugo x Midoriya

Title My Hero Academia
Author Kohei Horikoshi
Genre Action
Type Series
Studio Bones
Premiered 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021
Episode Count 114 episodes
Duration 23 mins. per ep.

The guy who naturally gained a quirk and the other one who has inherited the quirk of his Idol. These two are obviously the polar opposite! As you can see, if you’ve watched the series, Bakugo is very aggressive, loud, is always pissed and constantly bullies Midoriya. Meanwhile, our boy Midoriya is the polar opposite of Bakugo, he’s in a way calculative as well as  observant towards others especially those pro heroes and his classmates.

However, what makes these two a great pair is that they’re both very passionate with their goals in becoming the Pro Hero they dreamed for. Not to mention, Bakugo may be a bit rash and aggressive but he looks out for the people around him in his own way, just like Midoriya and his classmates. 

13. Edward x Alphonse

Title Fullmetal Alchemist
Author Hiromu Arakwa
Genre Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Bones
Premiered 2003-2004, 2009-2010
Episode Count 115 episodes
Duration 24 mins. per ep.

We have another pair of siblings on this list! These two siblings have such a strong bond with each other. They aren’t only just siblings but they are the best of friends! We could see this throughout the entire series that their relationship is so solid and it wouldn’t be easily shaken

Edward Elric is the eldest brother, who is especially protective towards his younger brother Alphonse and would do anything for his own safety to the point that he would sacrifice himself in his stead just to bring his body back.

12. Senku x Chrome

Title Dr. Stone
Author Boichi, Riichiro Inagaki
Genre Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Type Series
Studio TMS Entertainment
Premiered 2019, 2021
Episode Count 25 episodes
Duration 24 mins. per ep.

Our modern-day genius Scientist and a stone-age genius scientist. These two are great friends, not to mention, they have an amazing teacher-student relationship too! Chrome learns a lot from Senku and vice versa. 

But before Chrome met Senku, he was labeled as an eccentric guy just because he’s different from them. However, once he met Senku that was when he realized that there is someone who relates to him and was able to learn from him too. Once these guys had paired up and decided to build the Kingdom of Science, they became unstoppable with their great minds! 

11. Pikachu x Ash

Title Pokemon
Author Satoshi Tajiri
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Type Series
Studio OLM Inc.
Premiered 1997 – present
Episode Count 1209 episodes
Duration 24 mins. per ep.

One of our childhood pairs that will constantly be in our heads whenever we think about duos. It wouldn’t be the same if one of them is missing!  This is because Pikachu and Ash are two peas in a pod, the ride or die partners! From the start of the series up until the current season of Pokemon, these two are an inseparable pair that has been through thick and thin!

They’ve already seen each other’s flaws as well as improvement! From winning countless battles to losing some of ’em’ these two have really been through a lot!

10. Gintoki x Katsura

Title Gintama
Author Hideaki Sorachi
Genre Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Type Series
Studio Sunrise
Premiered 2006-2018
Episode Count 367 episodes
Duration 24 mins. per ep.

As we all know, Gintama is a complete package, it has everything, from Romance, Action, Suspense, Comedy and a ton more! It even does parodies in which Gintoki and his gang portray other famous anime characters! Plus, there are a lot of duos in this series that are iconic but these two right here are on a whole different level! 

Both of these dudes are amazing Swordsmen and once they both team up they are even better! The two of them go way back, they have the same teachers who they adore and thanks to that connection they can fight side-by-side.

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9. Gon x Killua

Title Hunter x Hunter
Author Yoshihiro Togashi
Genre Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts
Type Series
Studio Madhouse
Premiered 2011-2014
Episode Count 148 episodes
Duration 28 mins. per ep.

The beloved duo that the entire anime community has never heard off. They are literally the Best Friends that we all know would do just about anything for each other. From the start to the recent arc of the anime series, the brotherhood these two have is unshakable

This was proven a couple of times in the anime most especially during the time when Gon almost died post-Chimera Ant Arc, Killua risked himself and brought his sister out from his home to save his precious friend. Now that is something worthy of praise!

8. Ban x Meliodas

Title The Seven Deadly Sins
Author Nakaba Suzuki
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio A-1 Pictures, Studio Deen
Premiered 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019-2020, 2021
Episode Count 100 episodes
Duration 24 mins. per ep.

The pair who both have each other’s back from the start! Plus, they have the most iconic introduction on how they both first met! They were both literally screaming in glee when they saw each other and started to fight together until they broke down an entire castle. 

Both Ban and Meliodas have seriously one of the purest forms of friendship out there. They both rely on each other so much despite having such a dark and sad past. Plus, everytime they both engage in battles, they are unbeatable!

7. Kaneki x Hide

Title Tokyo Ghoul
Author Sui Ishida
Genre Action, Fantasy, Horror, Gore, Psychological
Type Series
Studio Pierrot, Pierrot Plus
Premiered 2014, 2015, 2018
Episode Count 48 episodes
Duration 24 mins. per ep.

A duo from the Tokyo Ghoul anime series who are undeniably amazing besties! By that I mean, their friendship goes far and beyond to the point that even after Kaneki turned into a ghoul, Hide never turned his back on him. He even went through lengths to let himself be eaten by Kaneki when he was starving so much from not eating foods that are fitted for ghouls. 

If you haven’t watched Tokyo Ghoul yet, then I suggest you read the manga instead since it has a much more in depth and detailed explanation about the entirety of the plot.

6. Zoro x Sanji

Title One Piece
Author Tite Kubo
Genre Action, Attention, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Studio Pierrot
Premiered 1999
Episode Count 1038 episodes
Duration 24 mins. per ep.

Though, I suppose, it should be the entire Straw Hats gang because they all work so well together and their bond is just out of this world! However, since we are talking about duos, then let’s talk about these two rascals right here!

A Samurai and a lover boy Chef duo that we all love! I mean, what not to love? These two guys are just the baddest and coolest! Although they can be paired up with other characters in the series, these two have a spark despite the constant fights and fun rivalry they have towards each other.  

5. Luffy x Zoro

Title One Piece
Author Tite Kubo
Genre Action, Attention, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio Studio Pierrot
Premiered 1999
Episode Count 1038 episodes
Duration 24 mins. per ep.

Indeed, the Straw Hats Pirates have a lot of duos they could be paired with! Now we have these two guys that have been adventuring together since the early episodes of the series! The first guy Luffy has recruited to join him in his journey to find the One Piece, Zoro!

The connection and friendship these two guys have are so SOLID! This is to the point that Zoro has given his ambition to him and Luffy took that responsibility for him as they both walk through the path of becoming the best. 

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4. L. x Light

Title Death Note
Author Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata
Genre Supernatural, Suspense, Psychological
Type Series
Studio Madhouse
Premiered 2006-2007
Episode Count 37 episodes
Duration 23 mins. per ep.

I don’t know with you but they are the most deadliest pair in anime history! These guys could kill you instantly without you even knowing about it! Apart from being a dangerous pair, both of them have an unusual relationship. 

What I meant with that is, both Light and L have different goals but they both fight for the same reason. Though, others might find these duo a bit of a controversial case but that is precisely why these two suit each other well despite being the polar opposite.

3. Itadori Yuji x Aoi Toudou

Title Jujutsu Kaisen
Author Gege Akutami
Genre Action, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio MAPPA
Premiered 2020
Episode Count 24 episodes
Duration 23 mins. per ep.

Others might think that Itadori and Megumi are an Iconic pair but we have here another person that suits Itadori well too and that is Toudou! Though Megumi and Itadori are a great pair to each other, these two are a sight to watch!

From having the same interest in the type of woman they like, aka Jennifer Lawrence, from having amazing teamwork during battle considering that, they just both met for just a short amount of time. Indeed, people with the same interest click well together, I mean just look at them, they’re best buddies already! 

2. Tanjiro x Nezuko

Title Kimetsu no Yaiba
Author Koyoharu Gotouge
Genre Action, Fantasy
Type Series
Studio ufotable
Premiered 2019, 2020-2021
Episode Count 37 episodes
Duration 23 mins. per ep.

We have another well-known pair of siblings on the list and that is Tanjiro and his little sister Nezuko! As we all know, when Tanjiro found out that the only surviving family member he has is his little sister Nezuko, he did his best in finding the cure to make her human again after being turned into a demon.

These two are adorable as well as a strong pair of siblings that you don’t wanna mess with! This was proven when they fought against Rui, indeed, these siblings are truly powerful! 

1. Genos x Saitama

Title One Punch Man
Author ONE
Genre Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural
Type Series
Studio Madhouse, J.C. Staff
Premiered 2019, 2021
Episode Count 25 episodes
Duration 23 mins. per ep.

The man who can beat up anyone with just one punch and a cyborg who wants to be stronger ended up becoming an ICON of a pair! A Master and Student duo who are undeniably strong and have an amazing bond with each other. Genos was the one who sought after Saitama when he witnessed how overpowered he is, he was determined to become his student and his determination didn’t fail him since we saw how Saitama accepted him as his disciple

One of the most memorable fights they both did was when they fought against Carnage Kabuto, though Genos was the most injured one in the battle.


With that, this ends our list of iconic anime duos! Is the duo that you first thought of part of this list? Comment down below! If you wanna read more of our blog, check out our site!

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