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Ten Commandments actually follows a similar principle as the Raijin Sword, because it is also a shapeshifting sword with different powers that requires an item to be put into a slot on the surface of the sword. However, unlike the Raijin Sword, all the Ten Commandment needs is just one Rave Stone in order to imbue the Rave power into the sword. This power is what allowed The Rave Master, Haru Glory, to change the forms of the sword at will.

As the name suggests, the Ten Commandments have 10 different forms, and each of them varies in shape, size, and power. There’s Explosion, the second form of the Ten Commandments that has a blunt edge but can produce powerful explosions upon contact. There’s Silfarion, the third form that has little offensive power but it can greatly enhance the speed of its user. There’s also Blue Crimson, the fifth form, which is a twin sword that has both the power of fire and ice. And then there’s the eighth form, which is called Million Suns and it is a blade made out of holy light, and there are six more where that comes from.

Those are some of the forms and powers of the Ten Commandments. So as you can see, it is an extremely versatile sword. Not only that, every power has its own pros and cons which makes it powerful against certain enemies but completely useless against other types of enemies.

Another thing that makes the Ten Commandments way superior to the other swords in this list is the names of the swords. Ten Commandments is already an absolutely badass name for a sword, but then there’s also Silfarion, Blue Crimson, Runesave, and Million Suns, those are such cool names for a sword, don’t you agree?

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