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When one thinks of sports anime, long-distance running is probably the last sport that comes to mind. Instead, most anime opt for high-octane team sports like volleyball or soccer. However, like most sports anime, Run with the WInd uses running as a vessel to foster excellent interpersonal relationships and stories, not getting too bogged down in the details of the sport. Centred around a University’s relay team entering the Hakone Ekiden marathon and the relationship between Haiji Kiyose and Kakeru Kurahara as they try to put a team together at the last minute.

An underdog story like Ao Ashi, Run with the Wind follows a skilled member of their sport as they try to train with newcomers and veterans alike, but with less team orientation due to the nature of the sport. This doesn’t take away from the relationships and bonds built between the characters, though, with Kiyose and Kurahara using their experience much like Ashito’s A-Team members in Tokyo do to improve the try-out members.

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