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Tsubasa Kurata was an engineer and modern-day otaku from Japan. After being killed in a tragic car accident, Tsubasa was reborn as Ernest Echivarra, a young boy from a noble family. He quickly discovers the fantasy world he is in also has mecha robots called Silhouette Knights. Living every robot otaku’s dream, Ernest uses his skills from his past life and his passion for mecha to make the ultimate robot for himself.

Like Isekai Yakkyoku, Knights & Magic also shows that knowledge about anything, even just one thing, can make a difference in the world. Like Isekai Yakkyoku, our main character Ernest was also a reincarnate and has memories of his past. Instead of medicines, though, Knight & Magic follows the theme of robots, with Ernest having the knowledge and experience to improve or create them. So if you are looking for a sci-fi, isekai style, why not try this anime?

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