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Shiki is adapted from a horror novel that goes by the same title and has been penned down by Fuyumi One. This anime series is surely one of the unique ones out there in the anime library. Its plot revolves around the intertwining of humans’ lives and vampires in the same manner and provides all of its audience with something more than they ever asked for. This series can be considered the show of survival in a location where all the people have lost all their hope in God’s existence.

This is where they look at each other and sometimes even the deadly vampires to solve their troubles. The genre of Shiki excels in horror as well as mystery and thriller. Among anime fans, this show is something of an underrated gem. If you have already watched the show and are in love with it, then here we have wrapped up ten similar anime series for you to watch.

Higurashi No Nako Koro Ni

Obviously, we know that little lolis, as well as some of the eerie thrillers, do not exactly go hand in hand. But we then saw Higurashi pulling that off somehow. In both of these shows, the main characters are Natsuno as well as Keiichi. They relocate from a big city to a quiet small town with fewer people. Woods surround this place. These characters live in an almost isolated place from the rest of the people, but later in the scenes, we witness them getting entangled in something much more supernatural. Well, as it was expected, weird stuff starts happening all around them, and as a result of that, the people they are closest to ends up getting hurt. Also, before you watch this series, keep in mind that it has a lot of violent deaths.

Shinsekai Yori

This show is something of a lesser-known anime series. This is mostly because it lacks the fanfare and controversies or even the big-budget productions that other similar anime series have been provided with. Shinsekai Yori drives its show only with the plot, which actually takes place in an alternate timeline. The audience can see that religion plays quite an important role in both these shows. Also, the idea of the inevitable mortality has made a house in all humans. Also, you guys should know that the soundtrack of both these anime series is something quite amazing. It also blends well with the hauntingly eerie environment that the show can latch on so perfectly.

Tokyo Ghoul

Shiki can be considered as something of a slow burn, but Tokyo Ghoul, well, it is a show packed with action. However, you guys should know that both the series explore the same genre. It portrays the constant tussle happening between humans and the supernatural creatures who look like they are winning the war. Both the shows have their main character living his normal life when one fateful day, an encounter with one of such creatures alters his entire life and the people who live around him forever. The audience can view both the parts contained in this story. We see what humans are thinking, and we see what monsters are thinking. This gives them the right to decide who is right and which one of these creatures is wrong.


This anime series excels in the mystery department. The location for it has been set at a nearly isolated place where all the villagers are exposed to an outburst of the supernatural phenomena. But the main question which gets answered in the show is what is actually causing this phenomenon and how the hell can these people overcome all of their problems once and for all. Exactly as we have seen in Shiki, this anime series has a nice array of characters whose arc is written very well. They have the motivation and the same sort of eerie music in the background with a very different overview of the human race. Well, you guys should keep in mind that the show came out approximately a decade ago, and thus, its animation might actually be a bit dated. Nevertheless, the show can be enjoyed in all forms.

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Vampires can be considered as the most popular element in both Shiki as well as this series. Although, unlike in various anime shows, the vampires in Dance are portrayed to be pretty fearsome, exactly like the ones in Shiki. Both of these shows go on to explore more from the myth as well as the reality of vampires. We can also see how humans try to adjust or even fight against their surroundings, which are getting altered. Both these shows have a dark sort of atmosphere. It also has characters who are willing to make decisions that might even question their morals. They do so to make sure that they, along with their loved ones, survive the change.

Parasyte: The Maxim

When we start comparing the pace and treatment given away by this show, it is much like Tokyo Ghoul, where an action-packed horror series includes the main character being affected or maybe even infected by some of the supernatural creatures. However, the philosophical questions raised by the plot of Parasyte are as likely as the ones raised in Shiki.

Seraph of the End

This anime can be considered as another show employing vampires in it. It also includes the same sort of dynamic existing between vampires as well as humans. Vampires here treat people like nothing but cattle that they feed on, and humans all fight tooth and nail against cruel ownership. You guys should also know that these violent fights in the show happen on a colossal scale than we ever saw in Shiki. But then Seraph of the End forces the audience to witness everything from the point that humans have and the vampires as well.

Attack on Titan

If a person considers themselves a fan of animated series, then Attack on Titans is something they can never miss. The chances are that a person has already watched this show if they loved watching Shiki. You guys should know that the basic premise in both of these series is pretty similar for the people who haven’t yet. We witness humanity fighting against monsters to get a chance at survival. Both of these series have a lot of death as well as despair and mutilation of the body. Also, In the show, we witness the characters coming up with some clever plans to defeat their enemies; that is, the mighty Titans.

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