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Well, well, as all the people are already aware that Tokyo Ghoul is one of the colossal fan-favorite anime shows. It is a tragic story of a pretty young as well as an innocent guy named Ken Kaneki. The plot of Tokyo Ghoul has pulled on the heartstrings of many people who have connected with his involvement in a literal war of identity. All this while, there even was a delivery of bloody battles and sadistic scenes that have attracted many other people.

Given that the show has a consistent order of seasons along with huge sales of its manga series, there is no doubt that the war between humanity and ghouls has attracted quite a few viewers. Also, there is a huge wait for the next chapter or installment of Tokyo Ghoul and, thus, plenty of time. Here we have wrapped up a variety of anime series, which is out there, just like Tokyo Ghoul, so that the fans do not get lonely.

March Comes In Like A Lion

All the fans of Tokyo Ghoul are pretty concerned regarding the emotional and physical well-being of the tragic lead of this story. The character here defines what it actually means to be the innocent one. If this is the main reason why a person watched Tokyo Ghoul, then March Comes in Like a Lion should be on the queue for all the viewers. It is because this anime, with its plotline, literally hugs Kaneki.

This anime show can be considered as a bit grounded but one of the most stylistic shows. Its plot also focuses on depression as well as societal pressures. Although, the tone goes through a bit of a roller coaster. Also, at one end, its emotional tensions squeeze at the heart while the other one at the comfort and sincerity of its characters. It provides a whole new level of relief.


Well, here is the king of all edgy anime series. Gantz can be considered as an anime recommendation from your snobby older brother. This show is edgy to be observational as well as deconstructive of all. It brings along a variety of themes, such as battle and bloodshed. The tale of Gantz throws the entire spotlight on a regular high schooler who dies. After this event, he is resurrected back to participate in a very crazy game of death, which provides him with alien technology and makes him fight against some of the terrifying creatures ever witnessed by the manga series’s fans. This is done while commenting and examining the violence and terror present inside the human heart.

Akame Ga Kill

Akame ga Kill! is one of those cold anime with edgy origins. It is because, in this show, we all witness the rebellion of a motley crew of characters who are battling against an oppressive as welk as the conspiratory world. If death, as well as gore, is a genre you all like, then be aware that this series has some over the top battles as well as high stakes that all consistently make the people worried about who is going to die next and also how they are they going to die. This series can be considered a home of some very dark powers with cool weapons with horrifying monsters. It also has a litany of quirky character designs with personalities that make some of the deaths excruciating even to watch.

Beyond the Boundary

This is the sort of anime show that moves away from the darkness of everything and provides an incredible and aesthetic view of the turmoil being different. The show actually takes place in a supernatural world of its own and lays focus on the last of the Spirit Warriors, Mirai Kuriyama. At the same time, she tries to kill youmu and her classmate, Akihito Kanbara. After this event, we witness an odd but heartwarming story for its premise. This is when Akihito invites Mirai into his world of friends along with the Literary Club.

She is also fighting against humanity creeps forward in the background. Like we have seen in Tokyo Ghoul, this show is also about identity and personal responsibility. This is all done in a very heartwarming manner, the one that can only be pulled off by Kyoto Animation.

Future Diary

If you are a person of the mindset that Tokyo Ghoul might be a bit edgy, then Future Diary can be considered an anime series that is full of similar levels of teenager angst and drama. Thus, it sits directly next to the Tokyo Ghoul. The show throws the entire spotlight on a death game to become the new god of the world. Here, each of the game participants, including even the main character, has to gain the ability to read the future in some manner. After this event, we witness observation of the modern-day macabre. It is when a cast of differently insane characters brings about some of the most eccentric scenes in anime history.

From The New World

There is a tragic drama about Tokyo Ghoul that asks all of its viewers to consider their own sort of identities and places that exist within the world. The show also questions the audience about who should really live and who should really die. If you like these sorts of anime shows, then From the New World is an anime series created just for you. The plot of it takes place in a world where humanity has taken upon some of the psychic abilities directly tied to their psychological state. The show focuses directly on some of the controversies as well as the horrors of the alternate universe. It also showcases the conspiracies and betrayal with some of the inhumane experiments at the forefront of one heck of an evolving society.


This show has originated from the same person who has created Gantz. This anime series has a pretty gripping and gritty plot about two different generations who are grappling with power and technology. This is exactly how we have seen the police figures and the Ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul struggling with their own responsibilities. In this show, an older adult with a young teenager gets resurrected after a terrible accident. We also have robot bodies equipped with technology capable of healing people and causing destruction among them.

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