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The last thing anyone expected from Hunter X Hunter Chapter 395 was to get a glimpse of Phantom Troupe’s early days. Togashi is now starting to answer questions that have lingered for almost two decades. Fans have seen Kurapika’s story. And now this is the B-side of the Kurta massacre. This includes a big character revelation that many never came close to even suspecting. And most crucially, why the death of Phantom Troupe is now set in stone. Here is all you need to know about Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396 Plot & Release Date

The next chapter will continue the events of chapter 395. It will also shed more light on Phantom Troupe’s origin. Now the true motives of the group will come forward. Is it their goal to take revenge for all the missing kids? The next chapter will unfold!

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396: What Will Happen Next?

The new chapter will feature young Chrollo, founder of the Phantom troupe. It will enforce the notion that Chrollo is gifted with the qualities of a leader. Fans know that Chrollo was born in Meteor City. And at some point, he formed the group. Later this group stole and killed many people. But that is just one side of the story! Is it possible that the Kurta clan was behind the kidnappings? Perhaps there is some insane layering when it comes to the kurta massacre. It’s been the staple of the show since the earliest chapters.

And Kurapika based his entire ability on the fact that the Troupe had just murdered them for money. It would be a nasty twist to the story if it turns out that the Kurta clan was involved in something bigger. The next chapter could fall victim to critics. But showing life before their mass murder does not humanize the Phantom Troupe. But there may be a slight chance as well. Togashi is walking on a thin line right now. And he has done it many times with other villains too. So maybe Togashi will make fans understand how they ended up being the way they are. As a result, he may leave the Troupe in-between humanized and demonized.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396

A Quick Recap!

The title of Hunter X Hunter Chapter 395 was ‘Founding:Part 1’. The chapter started with Henrigh checking his camera roll. He concluded that the Heil-ly family used their abilities to warp the ships. Later in a meeting with Wang, he planned to track the family members. Meanwhile, Nobunaga, Feitan, and Phinks were heading to the Heil-ly’s to take them down. Then they entered their secret hideout and knocked down the bathroom door. There they saw a stranger and forced him to join them in their search. Interestingly, they found nobody. Thus, they concluded all the people from the hideout fled. The panel then turned to a flashback of Phantom Troupe in Meteor City.

It started with young Chrollo, Shalnark, and Frankling searching for a videotape in dump heaps. They wanted to watch something fun. And the suspense of not knowing what was in the tape couldn’t hold them any longer. Finally, they found one. But Uvo also spotted it, and so they clashed. But Phinks and Feitan snatched it from Chrollo. In reality, Chrollo gave them a fake one. Later in the church’s video room, he played the tape with Pakunoda. They decided to dub the video together. The chapter ended with a panel showing a few men kidnapping children and taking them away in a van.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396: Release Date

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 396 will appear alongside JJK, MHA, and others in the coming weekly Shonen Jump magazine issue. The raw translation was out on Monday, 28 November 2022. However, it may take some time for the English translation to be out. Meanwhile, fans can check out all the chapters on Viz Media and Manga Plus. For more updates, Stay tuned to The Anime Daily!


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