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Prison School by Akira Hiramoto is a comedy anime show. It spotlights many male students who have been enrolled in a female boarding school because of the policy changes. Although, as a punishment for their bad actions, they all are imprisoned in the jail of their school. Even though the show ended abruptly, Prison School can still be considered one of the best comedy anime shows to have aired in the past 5 years.

Some of the critics state this. But then again, Prison School provides us with raunchy and adult humor, and thus, there is no doubt that it is a pretty memorable series. Here we have wrapped up some of the anime similar to Prison School and would suffice for the fans who were waiting for some new chapters of the show.

Grand Blue

This anime series is about a man who is called Iori Kitahara. This guy resides above a scuba diving shop of his uncle, located in the Izu Peninsula’s coastal town. Although later, he comes across the members of the diving club who are in love with partying. Thus, Iori becomes infatuated with their antics, leading many people to shun him in the journey. At this point, Iori would have to come to terms with himself and find out about what he really wants to do with his life and college.

Like we have witnessed in Prison School, Grand Blue has employed male characters who are heavily infatuated with their female counterparts. Despite all this likelihood, there is one difference between the two anime shows. Grand Blue is more about college life, while Prison School is more on the school side, as its name suggests.


Kakegurui throws the entire spotlight on a girl named Jabami Yumeko. She gets herself admitted to a school where gambling is not a crime and is seen commonly. But what is unknown to all of them is that she is actually a professional gambler. Thus, in the anime, we witness the path of Yumeko to take down the student council president of the school. As we have seen in Prison School, Kakegurui is full of humor, self-aware, and bizarre animated sequences. Till some point in time, even the anime adaptation of Kakegurui was suffering from not having its source material getting fully adapted. Well, if you guys liked the raunchy humor as well as the weird scenery available in Prison School, then Kakegurui should be something that you give a try.

Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead is a top-rated anime show. The plot of it revolves around a boy whose name is Takashi Kimuro. He struggles to survive in a world after an apocalypse has happened to it and is now full of zombies. On his journey, we witness him recruiting friends for help while also vowing to save all the close people. They also are going to discover what has caused this potential outbreak to happen in the first place.

Just like we have seen in Prison School, Highschool of the Dead also employs a lot of humor that is sure to prevent any anime fan from getting bored with its episodes. You guys should also know that the take of Highschool of the Dead on this world after an apocalypse is full of intriguing elements that a variety of people argue that it is something of a must-watch single-season show that should have a comeback.


Shimoneta is a show about a boy whose name is Tanukichi Okuma. This lad has just entered a very notorious high school so that he can get close to his childhood crush. He also wants to help the student council uphold Japan’s laws against some of the foul play. However, things take a U-turn when Okuma himself gets dragged into the alleged lewd criminal organization called Blue Snow SOX because she values all of his unconventional backgrounds. Thus, the anime series follows Tanukichi as he tries to help SOX attack the person he holds dear to him. Just like Prison School, Shimoneta also features a female character who can fight for themselves. Also, this show has a male protagonist who does a variety of provocative actions towards many. Shimineta also has an equal amount of ecchi humor that happens within a school environment.

Detroit Material City

This anime show, Detroit Metal City, throws the spotlight on Souichi Negishi, who lives the life of the rockstar. However, this man is willing to exchange this living for a peaceful one but needs to comply with it to make money. Overall, this anime portrays the struggles of Negishi with balancing his popularity as well as the average college life. Like we have witnessed in Prison School, Detroit Metal City is humorous, but it might not be suited for younger audiences. Both of these anime have employed protagonists who want a peaceful life with a lady who leans heavily on the average spectrum than that of a reckless one.

Golden Boy

This anime shoe is all about a man named Kintarou One. He wants to find a perfect employment position in the market. This guy is hoping that one day he will live a life full of wonders. Although currently, his love for women as well as education is pushing him. Just like back in Prison School, Golden Boy also has laid their humor on some provocative humor and makes sure that all the female characters portrayed on the screen have personalities that are intriguing and notable appearances.

Both of these anime also throws light on the naivety of the boys in getting their women. The show also acknowledges the growth of them in each new episode. Golden Boy is such a relic that critics are arguing about considering it as that anime of the 90s that have been overlooked but should be watched now.

Great Teacher Onizuka

This show is all about a man whose name is Eikichi Onizuka. His only dream is to become the best high school teacher in Japan. Although he realizes that this is a challenge when he meets his new students, he never thought he would get it. Later in the scenes, the kids realize that Onizuka is not their average teacher, who they all should torture.

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