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Today’s big news: Shin-ei is the studio, Akagi Hiroaki (Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san) is the director, Horie Shun is Kyoutarou, and Spring is the season.

That’s all, in a word, great.  I predicted (though wished for would be as accurate) Shin-ei in the original post.  And Akagi-sensei in a tweet at that time, in fact.  The seiyuu for Yamada Anna is a bit of an unknown, but I’d rather that than one of the usual suspects.  This all makes so much sense it’s kind of scary, because production committees rarely do things that make sense.  This studio, staff, and cast suggest they understand what they have in BokuYaba – and that’s extremely encouraging.

I’m a bit emotional watching those two moving and talking on-screen – it feels almost unreal.  This series is really, really, special.  And I’m looking forward to more of the world finding that out.


I’m relieved.

I don’t often do posts about anime announcements, but BokuYaba (“The Dangers in My Heart”, as it’s localized in English) is an exception.  I’ve been guilty of saying this adaptation was inevitable, but I cursed myself every time I said it.  In the production committee era, you can never take “stupid” off the table – if it’s not Shounen Jump nothing is a sure thing.  But Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu is quite successful commercially, and its fanbase is among the most rabid in manga.  It’s been recognized with several awards as well:

  • Winner – 2020 Next Manga Award (4th place in 2019)
  • Winner – 2021 Anime Japan “Next Anime” Poll (4th place in 2020)
  • 3rd place – 2020 Manga ga Sugoi
  • Nominee – 2020 Manga Taishou Award

And now, it’s officially happening, in 2023 to be precise.  We have no details on studio or staff (or cast) yet, though I hope this is a high profile-enough property to at least get a competent adaptation from somebody like Shin-Ei or Doga Kobo (the material is so strong that it doesn’t need an exceptional production to carry it).  I laid out my love for Boku no Kokoro in a YouTube video last year, but the essence of it is that I love it.  I think this is the best romcom in manga right now, with a great pair of leads (and the best male protagonist I’ve read in years), with a terrific supporting cast.  Middle school romcom is a boom genre in manga with an embarrassment of riches right now, but BokuYaba is the best of the lot.

I’m happy for Sakurai Norio, one of the best comedy mangaka out there, and for all the Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu fans who love this series unreservedly.  Hopefully it gets the wonderful adaptation it deserves and becomes a true breakout hit.



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