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You probably can’t wait to enjoy everything about Modern Warfare 2. Sometimes, you just want to upgrade your favorite gun as soon as possible. But to do that very fast, you must know the tricks and tips to level up.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

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As you level up, you’ll find the rebranded Gunsmith System, the new weapon platforms, and receiver features. This article will share tips that will immensely boost your leveling speed. Also, don’t forget to equip some cod modern warfare 2 hacks; you’ll definitely need them.

Stick With the Objective

There are many ways to rack up experience points to level up in Modern Warfare 2 matches. But we’ve found playing the objective to be the most effective.

Modes like Domination and Hard Point are great at rewarding you with huge XPs. In addition, Kill Confirmed is also a major XP booster.

Also, if you can capture a flag, that’s a big plus for you. When you play the objective, you’ll notice that you sit at the top of the leaderboard, even if other players had more kills or a higher kill-to-death ratio than you.

Utilize all XP tokens

If you have some XP tokens from your previous matches in Warzone or Cold War, you’ll need them in Modern Warfare 2. For those who don’t know, activating an XP token doubles any experience points you earn while the token is still active.

As you probably expected, you’ll exhaust the token after a while. Also, don’t activate any XP tokens if you’ll be entering the lobby menu soon.

If you want to utilize these boosts optimally, activate them as you enter a match. That way, you’ll gain a good amount of XP before your token expires.

Weapon Challenges are Great XP Boosters

Imagine receiving rewards just because you’re using a particular weapon. That’s exactly what happens when you complete weapon challenges. In addition, you’ll unlock new weapon skins and earn rewards as high as 10,000 XP.

You first have to choose a weapon to participate in a weapon challenge. Then you’ll be assigned tasks like hitting several long shots or racking up kills. Sometimes, the challenge could be executing sniper kills or making headshots.

Reach the target, and you receive the rewards. Also, completing these challenges helps you to unlock new guns in that Weapon Platform.

Look Out for Daily Challenges

Players receive 4 new challenges they must complete every day to get XP. Mind you; these are general challenges different from the weapon challenges discussed earlier. Common daily challenges in the game include Domination and Prisoner Rescue.

In Domination, the mission is to capture specific zones on the map. On the other hand, Prisoner Rescue tasks you with freeing prisoners or eliminating carriers. For each daily challenge you complete, you receive 4,500 XP.

Completing all four pushes it up to 18,000 XP. Also, note that challenges change daily. So, be ready for anything.

Don’t Miss Any Downed Team Members

In Modern Warfare 2, there are game modes where you can revive your squad members after an enemy down them. Don’t miss an opportunity to revive allies when you can.

When you revive teammates, you get XP rewards. But keep in mind that you’re vulnerable during such revives. So, make sure there are no hostiles nearby before engaging the revive.

Undertake Bonus Challenges

Modern Warfare 2 has a system that provides numerous opportunities for players to gain XP, and bonus challenges are one of them.

These challenges are centered around field upgrades, gear, and other similar features. You may be asked to get 2 kills using Dead Silence or secure a single kill using C4.

Also, you may be asked to use 2 killstreaks. These are things you’d readily do in matches for nothing. So, why not do them for that extra XP?


Leveling up in Modern Warfare 2 has much to do with how much XP you can get. Luckily, the game offers players numerous opportunities to get as many experience points as they need. So, if you don’t get the required XP you need, you have yourself to blame.

In the game, nothing pays more than playing the objective. While at this, activate any XP tokens you have to help boost the amount of XP you receive.

Mind that you can roll over any tokens you have from your previous matches in Cold War, Warzone, and others.

After achieving all of these, it’s time to take on different challenges. If you can revive any downed teammates, that’s some extra XP.

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