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Welcome to another Tuesday and to when we get weird and wacky with Chainsaw Man. You thought it was that already? Oh my sweet summer child, you have yet to see. We got a mix and match of action and somber times. The eternity devil meets its end and Denji has a drinking party with his coworkers along with an unforgettable night. Indeed, one could never forget this…no matter how much they want to. Overall impressions, a fine episode. Did what it needed to do but I admit that I am more interested in what comes next. The pacing is still a matter I am mixed on but it’s very much a manga reader thing. Character moments still remain gold and the humor does consistently bring out a smile. I would say the antics of the group on screen only grow more endearing the more we see of them with even the two with the worst first impressions getting some degree of redemption. Something Kobeni certainly needs as she received quite a bit of hate for the last episode’s antics.
The Eternity Devil fight wasn’t extended like the Leech Devil fight was but I am glad for that. Truthfully I found the fight this time to be a bit too chaotic though I know that’s the intent. I guess I just like the detail of the fight in the manga while in the anime it can be a blink and you miss it affair. The use of Maximum the hormones ending theme was a surprise but having it in a Chainsaw Man action scene is so appropriate to be natural. The fight itself is more an endurance match with a nobel prize winner getting revved up to rip and tear time after time. It sets up some things like Denji solving his blood loss problem by drinking devil blood which I believe he stole that idea from the bat devil. Also Himeno remembering her trainer’s words about how to be a good devil hunter you have to be a bit insane. Which yes when you make a living fighting the literal abominations of hell that power up with human fear, you would have to be insane to not be afraid. But if we are to take things differently than that would mean insane people are so scary that they even throw devils off. So having someone like Aki in the job really is worrisome when he’s the most well adjusted of the cast. All the more emphasized when you have coworkers listing off how the people they worked with are all dead like it was a slight misprint on a memo.

Ah yes the most infamous moment of the manga…well actually it might be the most disgusting rather than infamous but it’s reputation is so legendary that there are people who were most looking forward to Denji’s first kiss being animated more than anything else. What that says for us as a species, I don’t know but well I know that it’s here and someone had to animate it. Do we consider it a blessing or a disappointment in that it was censored for TV release? I have no doubt it can be admired in loving detail in the blu-ray. But it really is amusing that out of all the blood and guts in this show that it’s puke that’s too much to show. It’s also telling that this episode also features Denji eating raw devil flesh and drinking blood, yet it’s vomit that is revolting. So why did Fujimoto include a scene so off putting it could have viewers quit out of dismay? Besides punishing Denji for trying to take the easy route again, it does put forward why Denji could so easily do what he did earlier. Surviving on the streets meant he had to take what food he could get. But it also gives Arai a good character moment where he helps take care of Denji as he gets sick and helps to pave over the more rocky first impressions. Kobeni also does fare better when she’s not fearing for her life though throwing an apology to Denji could have helped.

I feel Himeno is going to get a lot of flak for her actions in this episode and while I do not condone her, I at least get it. Let those who can make sensible decisions while plastered post the first tweet. I would say a mixture of things are driving her, gratefulness for Denji saving them, her frustration over her feelings for Aki and a degree of jealousy over Makima. I would like to think she wouldn’t do this sober either as at the beginning when Denji stated his age she first made sure he wasn’t drinking. Himeno is hardly a paragon of virtue but considering that she is indeed traumatized as hell by her partners deaths and pushed to drink herself stupid by Makima, I am willing to give her a pass on this. The more important thing here is Denji and whether he will once again take the easy route to his dreams. Twice he has gunned for the simple solution and twice he has paid dearly for it. So the question is whether Denji can learn or once again go for a more hollow experience? If your answer to that question is that he should go for it then congratulations. You have learned nothing. Actually I do wonder if people are taking these kinds of scenes with the wrong context. It is true if you are taking these scenes on a shallow level you could write it off as a teenage wet dream. However, that does say more about the person watching than the show itself. Sensuality is indeed present but it’s always worrisome that Denji’s interactions with women are always in a light of him being taken advantage of. This isn’t healthy and poor Denji is too ignorant of human life and morals to recognise that.

Afraid there is no dub review this week either.(You are devastated, I know.) It already takes the entire night to write these things and I am already cutting into my sleep time when I have an early start for work tomorrow. Didn’t even have time to check out the dub episode but frankly if they keep killing it like they already have then it continues to have my full support. I haven’t remarked on the endings of the show much despite the insane level of effort that’s gone into them. Quite frankly they are too high production to be considered endings as generally it’s openings that receive this kind of care. Today’s taking inspiration from retro nostalgia for old 80s Anime OVAs and video games. Coupled with a reminder of the image that will pop up in your brain anytime it thinks you are in too good a mood and need a smack. Today’s ending may be my favorite due to pure wistfulness though based purely on music Chainsaw Blood would be my pick.(Bit of a pity that one is just a credit scroll)If I was judging on visuals the trippy aesthetic of episode 5’s ending would be my pick. Though we have 5 episodes to go which could bring out a new favorite and I do know Aimer is doing one. I am very much looking forward to next week as things are about to get real fun though while I wait I may continue to watch reactions to today’s kiss on youtube. As they say, misery loves company.

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