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Event staff plan to offer tickets for international participants for event later this month

The official Twitter account for the Comic Market (Comiket) event revealed on Saturday that the Comiket 102 event will be held on August 12-13, 2023. The account also stated the event staff are aiming to raise the attendance capacity of the event to 120,000 people per day, as long as government and local guidelines are relaxed enough by that time.

While this number is higher than the 85,000-per-day attendance cap that the Comiket 100 event this summer allowed, it is still well below pre-COVID numbers. Comiket 97, the last Comiket before the pandemic, attracted 750,000 attendees across four days, breaking an all-time attendance record (Comiket does not have unique passes for visitors, so a person who attends all three days would be counted three times). Each day drew between 180,000 and 190,000 attendees.

The one-day attendance record for the event is 210,000.

Comiket 100 will be held on December 30-31. Comiket stated on its international Twitter account on November 28 that staff are working on a ticketing system for international participants, with the aim of starting sales on or around December 7 and allowing payments by credit card.

Sources: Comiket‘s Twitter account, International Twitter account (link 2), and Facebook page via Otakomu

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