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The interesting story and setting of Golden Kamuy are great, taking a serious period in history and exploring the culture of the Ainu people, as well as the societal shifts during Japanese politics at the time. However, the setting aside, we all know that comedy and action are what brings us back every time. This is the case with the introduction of our three newest faces in the second episode, Kadokura who is the head jailer from Abashiri Prison, Kirawus his Ainu companion, and Sekiya the newest prisoner to be chased down. The two confront Sekiya in frozen water which results in funny happenings with buff naked men, the stalwart theme of Golden Kamuy.

The same can be said when we are reintroduced to Ushiyama who has appeared in the wilderness with seemingly none of his memories, only found by a young Ainu boy who leads him around like a lost pet. The dialogue alone of this storyline is fantastic and if the comedic writing in the rest of the series is this high-quality then we can look forward to Golden Kamuy Season Four scratching our historical, action-comedy itch!

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