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FLCL is a top-rated show and is truly like no other. This is a surreal coming of age story of Naota Nadaba, who studies in the sixth grade. The show also involves the story of his out of the world housemaid, Haruka Haruhara. It has been the favorite anime for all the animated show fans ever since it first came out back in 2000. This anime can juggle some of the relatable anxieties that happen during puberty with the absurdities of its awe-inspiring world is nothing but just brilliant. The entire show is brilliant and funny as well as touching and beautiful.

Also, the episodes’ course is set on the rocking beats of the Japanese alternate band known as The Pillows. Also, it would help if you guys kept in mind that FLCL is a short anime. It just lasts for six episodes. If you are someone who has just finished watching FLCL and want something more of a similar sort and genre, then here we have wrapped up a list of anime to check out. All this while, a person who has finished FLCL should not forget to check out the official sequels to FLCL that is out there, known as FLCL: Alternative and FLCL: Progressive.

Punch Line

This animated series is similar to the nonlinear storytelling genre of FLCL. It delivers to all the audience a hilariously nonsensical anime that is all about a wandering spirit that gets ignited up by the vision of panties. After an event of his hijacking that goes bad, Yuuta Iridatsu comes to acknowledge that his soul has been ejected from his mortal body.

Till the time that Yuuta comes back again in his body, he employs the powers of his new life as a spirit to watch over the female members living in the Korai House apartment complex. Well, a single look at a girl can increase the strength of Yuuta, and seeing two in one line is capable of causing an asteroid to crash on Earth and destroy everything while it is at the task. The absurd theme employed in Punch Line has been ramped up directed from FLCL, without a doubt.

Dead Leaves

Well, Dead Leaves is actually an OVA episode that runs for 52 minutes from Production I. G. It is the same studio with animated FLCL. This story throws the entire spotlight on the two intergalactic outlaws, whose name is Pandy and Retro. They both are taken into custody following a crime spree on Earth. They soon come to acknowledge that their surrounding environment, which looks a bit penitentiary is actually a top-secret cloning facility filled with genetically experimented horrors. In comparison to FLCL, we have seen Dead Leaves push even more boundaries with its animation that can rush anyone’s adrenaline.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is narrated out in a way that can be considered a bit traditional. It carries out the same sort of passionate point of view of an adolescent that FLCL has. This animated show excels in the genre of science as well as fiction. The story revolves around a timid young boy named Simon and his hot-blooded adult mentor, Kamina, as they are piloting an ancient mecha of great power. They are doing si through the mysterious wastelands that exist above. The animated show has even included some of the fast-paced gorgeous visuals that are even enough to get any person hooked on Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The show has a pretty honest look at what adulthood is like, along with the pain and sacrifices that all come with it.

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

This is another zany animated comedy show that is in the same vein as FLCL. The show throws the entire spotlight on Satoshi Sasshi Imamiya, who is 12 years of age. We also have his best friend in perspective, that is, Arumi Asahina. They both are risked away from their normal lives while at Abenobashi commercial district in Abeno Ku. While each of the new realities is pretty different from the last one, Sasshi and Arumi are greeted by the Mune-Mune Baxom and Eutus, who is a mysterious liner with blue hair. All this while, you guys should know that Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi shares the same sort of stupid humor as is employed in FLCL; it also takes a melancholic look at a person’s childhood.

Excel Saga

If the person is fond of all sorts of crazy anime parodies that existed in FLCL, everyone will love that Excel Saga has to offer and even more. The show centers its plot around a young hyperactive woman who has dedicated her entire life to making the mighty dream of II Palazzo take the world’s domination to come true. Unfortunately, everything that is done by Excel is rash as well as brainless. Thus, most of her plans for Il Palazzo end are huge failures. Excel Saga can be considered as an extremely wacky show to come across. It is full of hilarious parodies of mainstream as well as anime series that niche. All this while, the characters in this show are all bizarre and loveable as well as deranged.


This is a fantasy action show that shares similar over the top humor and the animation of FLCL while also focusing on adulthood and family themes. This show takes place in a world that is pretty magical. It is called the Looking Glass City, which has been created by a monk called Myoue. He was able to turn all his drawings into real life. After this man was thrown out of his former home, Myoue started living in the Looking Glass City and his wife, Koto. Koto actually is a black rabbit in the human form. The couple also has three children of their own. However, the audience can acknowledge later in the scenes that Myoue and Koto have vanished from the Looking Glass City. This has left their children to run this imaginative world created by their father.

The Tatami Galaxy

One thing that The Tatami Galaxy and FLCL have in common is the fact that they both deal with the hardships of maturity. However, FLCL is told through the perspective of a child, and The Tatami Galaxy presents its story of regret and wasted youth. The perspective of this tale has been taken from a young man. Watashi happens to a college student in his third year. He really regrets how he lived a life out of his campus.

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