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I was a bit disappointed that the Kaboomball Kombat event didn’t have a proper cutscene (ALBEDO WHERE ARE YOU SHOW YOURSELFFFF) so this video is kind of like our way of coping…

Special thanks to Filo for this amazing concept πŸ˜€
Thanks to Marbles, Ganhyutaomiya, and Filo for lending their characters/acting abilities.
Thanks as well to WickedOreos for making sure my Japanese checked out. (Kanji… kanji everywhere hajskf)

In case people want to know what the japanese teamnames are, here is the romaji and literal translation (to the best of my jap ability):

Okami to Tabibito – Wolf and Traveler
Natsu no Shimai – Summer’s Sisters
Bakudan Kyoudai – Bomb Siblings
Kyoudai Kirai – Brothers Hate

Speedlines Overlay by Chaofanatic

Music: Rockin’ with Fire (

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