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Manga spinoff launched in August 2020

Hero’s Inc.‘s Comiple website published the “final” chapter of Kazasa Sumita‘s Hoshigarisugi Desho!? Inaba-san (Desire Overload, Right Inaba!?) manga on November 25. While the chapter is labeled the “final chapter,” the manga’s afterword noted that it is only the temporary end of the manga’s regular serialization.

The manga’s third compiled book volume will ship on December 27.

The manga is a spinoff of Sumita and writer Shinya Murata‘s Killing Bites manga, and focuses on Inaba as she works as a hostess. Sumita launched the manga on Hero’s Inc.‘s “Wild Hero’s” (now Comiple) website in August 2020. Hero’s Inc. published the manga’s second volume in December 2021.

Sentai Filmworks licensed the television anime adaptation of the original manga, and it describes the story:

By the time Yuya Nomoto discovers his so-called friends have duped him into a clandestine plot to kidnap a high school girl, they’re already dead. Things go from bad to worse as Yuya is dragged into a cutthroat world of underground bloodsport known as Killing Bites, where Therianthropes β€” brutal gene-edited killing machines β€” fight to the death for rival, power-hungry forces who manipulate society from the shadows.

The television anime adaptation premiered on the Animeism programming block on MBS and TBS in January 2018. The anime’s unaired “director’s cut” streamed worldwide on Amazon Prime Video. The anime had 12 episodes.

Murata and Sumita launched the manga in Monthly Hero’s in March 2017, although it now runs on the Comiple website. Hero’s Inc. published the manga’s 20th volume on July 29.

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