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Entertainment planning company Isaribi Inc. revealed the first promotional video, key visual, main cast and characters, story introduction, and staff on Friday for Kizuna no Allele, the upcoming anime project for virtual YouTuber (VTuber) Kizuna Ai.

(The below video has English subtitles that can be toggled on.)

Isaribi Inc. describes the story:

This is a story about the bonds between girls.
Kizuna Ai appeared like a comet in the virtual world, becoming massively popular in the blink of an eye.
After five consecutive years of gracing the Lapin Doll—the highest honor of the Virtual Grid Awards—she disappeared as quickly as she came.
Several months have passed since then…
ADEN Academy is a school that speciaRizes in training new talent who will make their debut in the virtual world.
There, students each with their own hopes and dreams work hard every day.
“I wanna be a virtual artist just like AI!”
A young girl named Miracle enrolls in ADEN Academy with this conviction in her heart.
There, she’ll meet all kinds of people and make wonderful new memories with them as they each pursue their dreams.
Are you ready? ――

The anime stars:

Ayumi Hinohara as Miracle
She admires Kizuna Ai and she is hoping to become a virtual artist like Ai. She has never learned to dance and sing before and has just started learning. She has been working hard and is aiming to win “Lapin Doll”, which is the top category of award as a virtual artist.

Rina Kawaguchi as Quan
She stood out with her looks but she hates to be judged by her look rather than who she really is inside.
Plus, she is rather shy in nature so she is hesitant to start her first step as a virtual artist.

Hikari Kodama as Chris
She has been searching for who she really is. While she works as a virtual artist, she is searching for a way to change “the unsatisfied feeling” inside her heart. She is interested in Miracle because she finds that there is something special about Miracle compared to other people.

Yuka Nukui as Noelle
Since Noelle grew up in an elite family, she has always been looking for perfection for herself. She is very strict towards both herself and other people as well. But she can also be kind and helpful to other people.

Arisa Hanawa as Riz
She is very smart and always prepares the research and analysis. When it comes to competition, she becomes too competitive and she must win. She is good at self-producing and has a desire to change the world all by herself.

Kizuna Ai as herself
She is the legendary virtual artist who won “Lapin Doll”, which is the highest ranking as a virtual artist, 5 times in a row. She suddenly vanished from the virtual world and no one knows where she went.

Kenichiro Komaya is directing the anime at Wit Studio and Signal.MD, and Deko Akao is writing the scripts. Shiori Asaka and Niina Morita are the character designers, and both are also the chief animation directors alongside Mizuki Takahashi. Go Sakabe is composing the music.

Other staff members include:

The television anime will premiere in 2023.

The Kizuna Ai YouTube channel “A.I.Channel” first launched in 2016. Since then, she has become the world’s most iconic virtual YouTuber and was on Newsweek Japan’s list of “globally respected Japanese people.” Her main channel has over 3 million subscribers, and her “A.I.Games” channel has over 1.51 million subscribers. She has since appeared in television programs and commercials, and performed as a musical artist.

In April 2020, Nozomi Kasuga signed on as an adviser at Kizuna Ai Co., Ltd. — thus formally confirming that she is the voice actress behind the character. The company was formed out of Activ8, the talent agency that managed Kizuna Ai and other virtual YouTuber talent.

Kizuna Ai voiced cameo roles in the Ingress and Magical Girl Site anime, and she also performed the theme song in the Laidbackers movie.

Kizuna Ai‘s staff billed the “Kizuna Ai The Last Live ‘hello, world 2022′” concert on February 26 as her final concert before she goes on an indefinite hiatus. The staff cited an update to “future activities with the goal of further developing Kizuna Ai” as the reason for the hiatus. The concert also unveiled Kizuna (#KZN), an original singing CeVIO AI. #KZN is “serving as a hub to connect with everyone and [support] Kizuna Ai and creators while she is asleep.” (CeVIO is a suite of software that includes voice synthesis.) Kizuna Ai‘s original character designer En Morikura designed the AI with character concept art by Keigo Inoue.

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