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Manhwa like Black Haze
Today, Nntheblog will be discussing an action manhwa as well as other manhwas. Nntheblog presents a list with the top 15 Manhwa like Black Haze Characters Each character has a unique style that will make you enjoy their time onscreen. All in all, a great manhwa that can be enjoyed by anyone.

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Top 15 Manhwa like Black Haze

Top 15 Manhwa like Black Haze

After a failed mission, the main character, Rood is sent to Helios, a famous magic school. He must save a son of an important person who is having a terrible time at school.

These manga might be similar to Like Black Haze.

15: Trace


Nonna Sawaguchi is a forensic scientist who has been in the field for two years. While she is still in training, she enjoys action but hasn’t yet understood the importance of laboratory work. Reiji Mano is a well-known forensic expert who will one day return to the service.

14: Kubera


Gods who have everlasting lives. Sura with unrivalled power. Humans, trapped helplessly between. A mysterious magician named Asha rescues Kubera when her peaceful village is ravaged by fire. They embark on a journey together in search for answers and revenge. As they travel through the realms, a web weave of fates continues to grow. Each player will have their own agenda and emerge one by one. Kubera, the little girl who has a god-like name, is at the center of all this chaos. Is this 16-year-old the one who will save the world from its devastation?

13: Trump (Chae-Eun LEE)

Trump (Chae-Eun LEE)

The story is set in a world where magic powers are natural. Ran’s son, Hiasen is raised by Kasin, a powerful wizard who is also a friend. The story starts with Hiasen asking Kasin to send him there for a gift of Melly Day (February 29th).

12: Lord Of Vampire

Lord Of Vampire

This story is about an assassin assigned a mission. He discovers his target is a vampire while attending the party. It is hard to believe that the vampire was obsessed with the assassin or would sign his own contract.

11: Wizardly Tower

 Wizardly Tower

After a failed experiment, a powerful grand wizard called “Raim”, reappears after millennia. He sets out to find his lost tower and meets “are” (and “ere”), who are slaves. This is a mix of a strange grand magician who uses his wits only to make money, and the adorable, loving brother and sister from the miao tribe. Their never-ending adventure is just beginning.

10: Charlotte with Her 5 Disciples

Charlotte with Her 5 Disciples

The heart can have whatever it wants… or so Charlotte Eleanor, the great sorcerer believed. Charlotte saved the world and also formed a group of five followers to learn her magic gifts. She still didn’t find the love of her dreams despite all this. After her death, Aria Lisen has been reborn as Aria Lisen. Can Aria find her true love with the Grand Duke Louister? While keeping her identity secret from her former disciples,

9: Hellper


Gwangnam, leader of the Killberos dies. He is wearing a black bracelet around his wrist. Quickly he discovers that a bracelet is equivalent to a ticket. Getting 100 is equivalent to a white wrist bracelet. A ticket to reincarnate.

8: City of Dead Sorcerers

City of Dead Sorcerers

A group of Russian scientists discovers a new substance called SDE01 in 2014. The world enters a race to discover uses for this seemingly untapped source of energy. It’s now the Age of Magic 16 years after its discovery. You can download an App to your phone and use it to cast magic. There are strict restrictions on the spells available and the paperwork required to use high-level spells is astronomic. A mysterious, red-robed man appears to be capable of using extremely powerful magic in a way it shouldn’t be possible. His motives and goals are unknown. The only thing we know about this man is that he used forbidden level spells in the city to kill evil-doers. Detective Kim is charged with capturing this hero/murderer. He doesn’t intend to give up.

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7: Crepuscule, Yamchi

Crepuscule, Yamchi

Lark is different than the rest of the children. Lark has red eyes just like Vampires and is bullied by other children for it. He meets Setz, a true Vampire from a Noble clan. Setz is the only one who doesn’t bully or call him a monster. They become close friends and Lark learns that he might have to return to the orphanage. Setz, however, decides not to let Lark go so invites Setz to his home. The world of Vampires.

6: (S.I.D.) Supernatural Investigation Department

(S.I.D.) Supernatural Investigation Department

Si Mun, the grandson of a famous shaman and a child, was able to communicate with ghosts. A talisman was given by his grandmother to temporarily end this ability. It also erased any memories of supernatural phenomena that he had seen.

5: Noblesse


Rai awakens from a 820-year-long sleep to begin his new life as a student at a high school established by Frankenstein, his faithful servant. His peaceful days with human students are quickly interrupted by the mysterious “Unions”, who attack him.

4: The Magician

The Magician

Enzu, Iremy and Ethermask, the immortal magician Ethermask, begin their journey into unknown territory! Each seeks to find something different on their journey… Enzu seeks revenge over his father’s murder, Iremi just wants to enjoy the ride, and Edermask seeks a manuscript. They set sail, not knowing what dangers they might face along the way.

3: The Misfits of Demon King Academy

The Misfits of Demon King Academy

Anoth, The Demon King of Tyranny has defeated all spirits and humans. Even demon kings can get tired of fighting! Anoth decides that he will reincarnate to live a peacefuler life. Two thousand years later, however, he awakens to find that the world is too peaceful. His descendants are weaker and magic has declined. He enrolls at Demon King Academy to try and regain his rightful place. Literally. Because they cannot measure his power, Anoth is regarded as a misfit by the faculty and students. Misha, the only student he can befriend, helps the misfit (Demonking) to climb the ranks of the demons!

2: Warble


The future saw the end of humanity. They sent their strongest hero back into the past in a desperate effort to stop the 7 great disasters. The unforeseeable circumstances that led to the death of the hero made it impossible for him to survive.

1: Anz


One student at the Winfred Academy of Magic wishes to be alone as the world searches for the next great Witch of Wind.



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