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Welcome everyone, to another week of Mob Psycho! This was an interesting week, a rather contentious one in fact. Looking around I seem to be the only person with a lukewarm impression of it. Why am I not super hyped? What could possibly have hurt it for me? Lets dive in and talk about it.

Starting off, this episode really isn’t what I was expecting. Now that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Surprises can be very good in fact. If everything goes the way the audience suspects all the time, you will start to lose their interest. The issue here is more that Mob Psycho surprised me not by tackling something in a completely different way, but by avoiding it all together. What does that mean? Well we’ve known Mob was going to explode, it’s in the previews, the title of the show, it was obvious. The question was only ever why. I expected, and hoped, it would be because of Tsubomi. And that his final emotional hurdle would be dealing with rejection when he has faced acceptance by the rest of the cast across the season. I thought that would be really poignant. Instead? Instead he gets hit by a car.

Instead of Mob’s explosion being one generated by extreme frustration or rejection, it’s instead an unconscious reaction. To me, it takes a lot of agency out of Mob’s hands and kind of… absolves him of what is happening. Sure, Mob doesn’t see it that way. This is his inner self that he’s always fought against, the manifestation of the psychic power that he has denied and tried to downplay for years. He no doubt blames himself for everything that’s happening and views it as him being unable to change. That’s why the entire episode is framed around him and Teru, mimicking the same thing back in Season 1 Episode 5. And that’s all good! As far as alternative routes for the story to go, this is a fine one. I actually really like the callback and Teru’s growth. I just don’t like the agency being taken out of Mob’s hands.

As for Teru, he at least was great. I thought Mob Psycho showed off his character development really well, especially with all of the parallels back to Season 1. His constant attempts to talk Mob down, recognizing this as the same mysterious force that annihilated him before, pushing past it knowing that Mob wouldn’t want what is happening, and finally prioritizing saving civilians because he knows that would weight on Mob’s conscious more than anything else. Frankly, Teru was the MVP of the episode. It felt almost more like his than Mob’s, which makes sense considering the title. I just wish Mob had been in a state where he could have responded more, had some kind of conversation, silent or otherwise, rather than a rampage caused by getting hit by a car. And that’s all it really comes down to for me really, Mob’s agency.

Moving on to the end, and what’s going to happen next episode, a lot of stuff is in there air. The big one of course is the return of Toichiro, the Scar boss. This guy was the end goal, the big kahuna, of Season 2. But with the way Mob is now I can’t help but feel he’s going to get stomped. Like a show of “Look how much trouble he was before, this is super serious”. At the very least I don’t expect him to be the one to get Mob out of his slump, most likely that’s going to be Tsubomi. What this is though is a nice callback, like we are walking our way through all of Mob’s past experiences. There was Teru, the toy gun and helix guy, now Toichiro. It’s like the show itself is trying to wake Mob up via these memories.

So yeah, all in all while this was definitely an interesting episode of Mob Psycho, I personally felt a tad disappointed in it’s direction. I was a big fan of Mob’s growth and agency as the seasons went on, how he took more and more control of his life and his emotions. So to see him lose a lot of that agency, even if it turned into a metaphorical battle against the part of himself that he hates most, really hurt. Episode looked good, sounded good, Teru was good, the episode was good. It’s Mob Psycho, the episode is always good. But it wasn’t great. Not for me at least.

That said, I would love to hear your interpretations. Maybe there’s a detail I’m missing that could turn this around for me, some idea or way of looking at it that could really up my experience. Let me know below how it was for you!

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