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Welcome everyone, to the beginning of the end for Mob Psycho! That’s right, this episode is the start of the final arc in the series. A lot is getting set up and a lot is about to go down, so lets jump right into it!

So. The final arc. It’s core is exactly like I guessed, though I won’t act like it wasn’t obvious: Tsubomi is moving and Mob wants to ask her out and it clearly won’t go the way he want. Personally? I found the entire thing incredibly cute. I loved seeing just how much Mob had grown up, how he handles this sort of thing and how different he is compared to the 1st season. Just look at the soccer scenes for instance, taken straight from the first few episodes but now with an entirely different outcome. No longer is Mob the wallflower, the third wheel, that useless kid on your team no one cares about. Now he can contribute! He can reach out, ask for advice, talk to people. My little boy is all grown up! The only surprising part of it all is why Mob’s confession failed.

Seriously, I wasn’t expecting Truck-kun to make an appearance of all things. While it had some incredible shock factor, I’m also not sure I liked it. Most likely, Mob is going to wake up in a hospital after Tsubomi has already left, unable to ever confess to her, and this is what will push him over the edge. Not dealing with rejection, or working up the courage to actually confess. A car crash. And worse? We just watched Mob use his psychic power to save a cat, so it feels a bit ridiculous to watch him get hit when saving a kid from the same thing. I know, Mob has a compunction about using his psychic power. But this whole scene feels really weird when we were gearing up for a confession, you know?

The one up side to this is we get to see everyone elses reaction to it. I’m actually really curious how Tsubomi, Reagen, Ritsu, Teru, Body Improvement Club, etc etc, will do. I realize there isn’t much that can do, medically at least. But I find that story beats like these are the perfect opportunity to spend some time with the side cast and show us how they feel about our lead without the lead actually being there.

Finally, and I know this is a short post but its a very straight forward episode, I wanted to talk about all of the advice Mob got. As I said before, it was really nice seeing all of Mob’s past encounters wishing him well. Even the guy at the plant store giving him a nicer, larger bouquet of flowers and wishing him well. Bit of those, I would like to focus the most on Reagen’s. Because to me Reagen gave the best advice: Be yourself, use your own words, don’t go in with a strategy. Because as he says, thats not something you can hide in any long term relationship. Maybe its not the best plan for a one night stand, but when you are gunning for a committed relationship? It pays to be open and honest from the start in my experience.

So yeah, all in all this was a nice, cute, wholesome episode of Mob Psycho. Nothing to exciting, just some wind down time after the aliens and before Mob getting hit by a truck. Some might say they felt the tension rising throughout the whole episode, the anxiety as Mob gets closer and closer to confessing, but I didn’t get that myself. Because to me, asking someone out isn’t that stressful as an activity. So on my watch, it was much more of a “There goes my boy, all grown up”, kind of episode. If you were more on the tension side, I can see this being a lot more memorable, slowly dialing it up as we go. But either way, it was a fun time if you ask me.

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