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This article will be a list the Money Heist All Characters. These characters will be drawn from various narrative arcs. You will learn some basic information about them that will allow you to understand why they are positioned as we do.

Fascinating Money Heist All Characters

19. Angel


Angel did not bring anything to the table in terms of moving the story forward. Angel was just there to follow Raquel around, acting like a lost dog in the hope of winning her love. He was not likable enough to be in this unrequited love situation.

He could have been a great help in catching the Professor if he had kept his head up and done his job. Instead, he became drunk and crashed his vehicle. He could be considered a complete failure, but he adds substance to the show.

18. Oslo


Poor Oslo wasn’t able to shine as brightly as the rest of the original gang. He was charismatic, but his only strength was his brute power.

We are still sad that we didn’t get to see Oslo and his relationship, Helsinki. There was so much potential. He made too many errors that could have jeopardized Professor’s master plan, and ended up in death because of them. For being a great sport, he still deserves to be on the list!

17. Moscow


Moscow deserves better than what he got. His bond with his son was heartwarming, and his final scene is full of tearjerking potential.

Moscow came from a difficult background and had to make hard decisions in order to care for Denver. Moscow’s character was a loss that no one could fill – and perhaps no one will.

16. Stockholm


Monica began on the wrong foot. Monica was Arturo’s mistress and he wanted an abortion on her to avoid the consequences. The audience grew to like Monica as the show progressed. Even though Denver’s love story is a bit questionable, the show was still entertaining for its layers.

Monica decides to have her child with Denver and runs off with the gang. She showed appreciation and commitment to the team throughout the series and was worthy of being on this list.

15. Gandia


Over the course of these seasons, the characters from money Heist have had to deal with many antagonists. But none comes close to Gandia. Gandia is a villain that makes Arturo want to call his mother. Other well-known television bad guys would have no choice but to fight this guy tooth and nail.

Although he is insane, that’s precisely what makes him an amazing character. Gandia’s addition to the cast elevated the show to new heights, and everyone involved is now at greater risk.

14. Rio


Rio is attracted to Rio’s hacking skills, but his criminal life seems to have overwhelmed him. He would rather play Mortal Kombat on his computer. He is vital to the plot. He almost surrenders to police at one point. He is in love with Tokyo, one of the gang members. So he must stay. It is also his fault that the police learn the identities of the crew.

He is captured by Interpol at the beginning of the third season. Interpol tracked his location via a telephone call. The authorities torture him as they attempt to get him to rat out other robbers. Everyone has to get out of their lavish hideouts in order to save him. Damn you, Rio! Rio, why did you have to interrupt everyone’s holiday?

13. Denver


His dad Moscow, who quit the mining industry because of the low pay, introduces Denver to crime. He falls for Monica, the mistress of Arturo (the mint’s director), during the heist at Royal Mint. Monica falls for him in a classic case Stockholm Syndrome.

Monica joins the robbers after falling in love with Arturo. After the Royal Mint heist, Monica and Arturo decide to share the responsibility of raising Monica’s child. Monica assumes Stockholm’s name when the crew reunites for robbery at the Bank of Spain. Ha! It’s very creative. It’s clear that the writers were very creative.

12. Manila


Julia Martinez, popularly known as Manila, is the daughter Benjamin Martinez, a close friend of Denver and Moscow. While she was not present for Seasons 1 and 2, (the Royal Mint of Spain Heist), she did appear during the Bank of Spain Heist. Juan and Denver called Julia Juanito, as they were close siblings from childhood. Later on, it is revealed that Julia is transgender. Manila was added to crew at the request of Moscow and Denver, the father-son tandem. Benjamin Martinez wanted them all to care for her daughter.

She is disguised as a hostage during the Bank of Spain heist and used to crowd control. Manila formed an antagonistic relationship with Arturo Roman (who would?). Roman is still with us at Part 3! Manila is known to go to the toilet to inform other robbers what is going on among the hostages.

11. Helsinki


Helsinki, a veteran soldier from Serbia, is the heart of the group. He is tough and determined, and does his best to keep order among hostages. Darko Peric, who plays Helsinki, started his career as a dentist and then became an actor and film school teacher.

Helsinki is likable because he, despite being a large man with combat experience and a lot of fighting skills, doesn’t seem like a bully as compared to Berlin. He is a good friend to the crew. Later in the series, he comes out as gay.

10. Nairobi


Expert in forgery and minting, Nairobi was assigned to ensure that the money printed during the Royal Mint Heist was high quality. She was a mother, a disciplined person, and always did her job right.

After Inspector Sierra tricked her into looking through the window, she is shot by a police officer sniper at the end of season 3. It is still unclear if she will survive or die. We can bet she is dead because the showrunners of great TV programs love to kill off characters. What is the point of bad things happening to good people?

9. Bogota


Are you looking for another character? Yes! You haven’t heard of Bogota if you are only watching Season 1 or 2. Bogota was an addition to the crew in the Bank of Spain heist. He was also part of the Frederiksborg Castle heist. This heist took place alongside Tatiana, Tatiana and Berlin. Bogota is unknown, but there are seven of his children (literally all over the globe). We are unable to give the names and addresses of his children: Erik (Iceland), Drazen(Montenegro), Hanna [Finland], Ivanna (Ukraine), Julian (“Mexico”), and Yaris (“Greece”).

Bogota is vital for the Bank of Spain Heist and the Heist Gang in general, as he is in charge of welding. (Well, you can consider him the greatest welder in all of the world! Warning! They also helped to melt the gold bricks into gold grains at the bank, along with Nairobi. We should thank Bogota for his welding skills that enabled the crew to complete the Bank of Spain heist.

8. Arturo


Arturo threatened to dethrone Tariq , the most annoying TV character. It’s his annoying mannerisms, however, that make him so interesting. You pray for someone to punch him in the face every time he appears.

Arturo, the director of Royal Mint, attempts to be heroic during the first heist but is mostly kept under control. Arturo is impulsive and talks too much, which can lead to hostages being inconvenienced. After the first heist, he writes a book in which he is portrayed as the hero. He voluntarily returns to the Bank Of Spain for the second heist to experience the same thing. He is clearly obsessed with the group.

7. Inspector Alicia Sierra

Inspector Alicia Sierra

Although she is evil, there are many reasons to love her. Despite being pregnant, Inspector Sierra is a nightmare for The Professor and his team. She is the only law enforcement officer who can outwit him and make him lose their cool.

She tricks Nairobi into getting near a window at The Bank of Spain, then orders a sniper. The Professor is also tricked into believing Raquel is dead. Sierra, due to her slyness, is a character that should’ve been introduced sooner.

6. Lisbon


She is initially the leader of the unit trying to eliminate The Professor and his team. She falls in love with him after several encounters. Later, she joins the robbers. She adopts the name Lisbon.

Raquel brings out the human side of the show. Raquel is a perfect example of how love can strike when you least expect and cause you to do amazing things. She quits law enforcement to join The Professor. She stays with him as he directs and supervises the crew from an obscure location.

5. Marseille


Marseille is also on our list, despite its appearance on Money Heist’s third-to-last season. Jakov is a friend of Berlin, The Professor and many others. Marseille is not mentioned much, though it was said that he was a hitman. Jakov’s family is the only one mentioned in the series. His pet dog Pamuk died, but he now has his ferret Sofia. Sofia can be seen running through underground tunnels at the Bank of Spain to keep an eye on Jakov. Sofia is adorable! It’s her cute little red jumpsuit! Check out the adorable photo!

4. Tokyo


Tokyo is smart, sexy and unpredictable. She is also the show’s narrator. Despite her being a bit sloppy, The Professor seems to like her. It is obvious that she was among the first to be recruited by The Professor for his mission.

Her stubbornness can cause problems for the group. The authorities are alerted when she decides to leave Panama where she had been hiding with Rio, in the third season. Most members, who had been living relatively peaceful lives, are forced to meet up again for another mission.

3. Berlin


Berlin, the half-brother of The Professor, was second in command during the Royal Mint Of Spain heist. It is rare to find TV characters who are both interesting and annoying. But Berlin was one of those rare examples. He was charming and arrogant. The moment when Professor and Berlin sing the Italian revolutionary song bella Ciao is one of the most memorable in the series.

Actor Andres de Fonollosa puts up a superb performance as Berlin. He’s not worried because he knows that he will die from Helmer’s Myopathy, a muscle disease. It isn’t his disease that kills him. To save his gang members, he gives himself up.

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2. Palermo


Palermo has been a friend of Berlin for at least ten year. H e, a trained engineer, lives in Palermo in Italy. Heist 3: The Bank of Spain Heist. Palermo was in a relationship with Berlin during the planning of the second Heist. (Yes, Berlin and he planned the second Heist before they presented it to The Professor. They finalized it). Berlin is his best friend and he is queer. He was unable to express his feelings about Berlin, his best friend. They had shared a kiss in the past.

(A long spoiler ) Berrote was contacted prior to the Bank of Spain Heist. The Professor also felt the pain of Berlin’s loss. (The Professor intended to continue the second Heist to capture Rio). During the preparations of the second heist, he develops a friendship with Helsinki. Palermo was appointed as the Bank of Spain heist’s back commander, which caused tension among crew members.

1. The Professor

The Professor

Albert Einstein would envy this man if they lived in the same time period. All criminal masterminds would love to have a brain similar to his. The Professor is the mastermind behind the heists at The Bank Of Spain and Royal Mint Of Spain. The Professor prides himself in being a master of tricks and is able to fool authorities every time.

He is a perfectionist and has every detail planned. However, at the end the third season, the authorities outwit him after tricking him into believing that they had murdered his lover Raquel. He’ll likely still win the next season, however.

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