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■LIO comment

This digital society didn’t yet exist when I was a child. NOILION is a group of creators formed with the desire to not lose the essence of what is distorted by the virtual communication that has become a part of our identity. As a group who, ironically, disseminates commentary on our digital society through digital contents, we think deeply about the state of our digital society. We have learned that not all the information in the world is true. Rather, digital society is free and unpredictable because it is intangible, with false images created by information manipulation becoming someone else’s “truth.” In order to capture and express the essence in this situation, we are releasing a trilogy of life-size EPs. Please accept our honest thoughts.

■KILLIT comment

How do we adapt to live in this digital society? Even evolution, which seems so convenient, can be a chain that binds us at the same time. This second EP is a collection of songs that go beyond the theme of the “Digital Mask” depicted in our first EP and reach into the darkness that people hold in their hearts in today’s society. We look forward to each listener interpreting the EP in their own way and communicating with NOILION through the songs.

■REAK (VJ) comment

There are many powerful songs on this second EP, and we can fully demonstrate our abilities as singers, DJs, and VJs during live performances. The live scenes in the music videos for “Blind” and “Burn” are a fusion of the digital and the real, using LEDs and projectors in a way that is typical of NOILION. We hope you will enjoy both the powerful music and the visuals.

■TeddyLoid (NOILION Producer) comment

This second EP is full of banging songs that give you a glimpse of the intensity of NOILION. Please pay attention to the world view expressed in the music videos and enjoy it along with the music. We look forward to the day that we can actually dance with you to the sound of NOILION.


NOILION is a new group from Tokyo that is attracting attention from around the world with their unique blend of music and visuals. With the phrase “Live On in the Noisy World” as their focal point, their message is about embracing the warmth of being a human being through the noise and distortion of the digital age.

This creative unit consists of the following three members with sound production by TeddyLoid:
LIO, a world-class bilingual high-tone vocalist.
KILLIT, a new, edgy, mysterious DJ with the DNA of TeddyLoid.
REAK, a VJ at the forefront of Japan’s club scene who specializes in projection mapping live performances.

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■“Live On in the Noisy World” EP trilogy webpage

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