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Ragnarok Begins is a crossplay anime mmorpg playable on android, iOS and pc and its crossplay, you can play this game on all of those hardware with 1 account, you can play on your pc for now then maybe on your mobile device later. The release date is still to be announced and if you wanna be up to date on this game, then just go back to this channel and for sure i will have new info about this game soon. Now Ragnarok Begins is developed by Gravity, the company that owns the Ragnarok franchise.

Developed by Gravity
Initial Release Date: tba
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ragnarok begins gameplay

-ragnarok begins site info
Cross-platform MMORPG, The Ragnarok Begins is coming.

The conflict between Kingdom of Rune-Midgard and Principality Arunafeltz,
and the hidden background of The Pope will be explored.
Ragnarok Begins will offer you a different pleasure with its RETRO vibes compare to previous Ragnarok games.

A deep adventure with a colossal story as you unravel mysteries and conflicts. Challenge yourself in the Endless Tower, either solo or with friends. Test your might through group PVP and ranked battles in the Arena of Valhalla

Action-packed combat with non-targeting, allowing precise control of area-of-effect abilities, Gain movement abilities to dodge enemy attacks and out-maneuver opponents, Use a variety of potions and items to gain buffs and heal your character

Customize and upgrade your weapons, armor and accessories with multiple progression systems. Build out unique skill trees for each job, as well as an adventure skill tree available to all jobs. Choose from 4 base jobs, each with 2 advanced jobs to progress into for endgame content.

Free to Play, mmorpg, anime, tab-target, autoplay, crossplay

-ragnarok begins system requirements
OS: Windows 10 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: recent iGPU will work/DirectX 11 Support Card

Mobile requirements
5.0 and up
4 gigs or ram
Octa-core (4×1.8 GHz Cortex-A73 & 4×1.8 GHz Cortex-A53)
Adreno 610
Qualcomm SM4250 Snapdragon 460

ragnarok begins file size: 615MB

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is ragnarok begins?
A: ragnarok begins is a crossplay anime mmorpg

Q : Where do I acquire the game client?
A : Check the end of the video

Q : Is ragnarok begins still a thing 2022?
A : Yes, check out the end of the video

Q : Is it worth it to play ragnarok begins in 2022?
A : If you like the game, then it is

Q : Is ragnarok begins pay to win?
A : check 16:14

ragnarok begins west

0:00 – ragnarok begins 2022
0:24 – ragnarok begins information
0:42 – ragnarok begins character customization
1:32 – ragnarok begins gameplay from the start
4:19 – ragnarok begins classes
6:26 – what is ragnarok begins
8:53 – ragnarok begins system requirements
10:05 – after a day of playing
10:58 – ragnarok begins endless tower
16:14 – ragnarok begins monetization cash shop
18:14- ragnarok begins download

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