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Sports Anime Reacts
Stars Align Reacts

Sorry this took long to come out! I had finals and a got sick with a fever. But I hope you enjoy the video!

⚠️Warning ⚠️ I haven’t watched Stars Align. I apologize if the facts are wrong or if some of the story is missing. I tried my best to include what I know of the anime.

This is part 5 of a series! If you want to watch the other parts…you can click on this playlist!

⚠️None of the videos used in this video are mine! All the credit goes to the original creators! ⚠️
(First) Maki Edit #1- Ig: @editsbyelliee
Stars Align Edit- Ig: @certtzi
Maki Tik Tok #1- @KittyKtty
Maki Tik Tok #2- @tsuncde.moved
Toma Tik Tok- @tsuncde
Itsuki Tik Tok #1- @yamsgero
Itsuki Tik Tok #2- @_yournumber1weeb_
Maki & Toma Tik Tok- @wilburfilms
Maki Tik Tok #3- @gonismyson
(Last) Maki Edit #2-
Ig: @strkyb

Apps used:
Gacha Club
Ibis Paint (Thumbnail)

Thank you for watching! Hope you have a wonderful day! Take care and stay safe! Love you all! ❤️


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