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This season has been goddamned awful for action shows.

This episode and arc was so awful that it made me check over to Ittoki to see if maybe it had bounced back in any way at all, but after last week’s episode that was spent at the Ninja Model UN, this one was spent doing the same thing, but with the shadow ninjas. The best thing that can be said about its last two episodes is that they contained almost none of the protagonists.

Also, Giga apparently announced that they’re closing, which is interesting, because apparently they sucked up Softhouse Chara’s last game in development before they closed and are going to be releasing it (and a new Jinki) in December. I thought I’d cover it when they released a demo, since the game’s premise did seem not bad, but they also just released a gameplay video that looks… uh… like development may have stopped when SHChara shut down, to put it nicely. Christ, does it look bad. So for now, my thoughts are “Duel Savior and Baldr Force were cool, but you were asses to me personally, and I don’t know how VN companies think they can stay afloat with their old, idiotic business model in the current age, so oh well.”


But to get back to this, being trapped by some demonic entity is a cliche that everything from Star Trek to goddamned Rainbow Brite has done, and nothing about how this show executed it was even the barest minimum of competent or sensical. To sum it up, they were faced with some adversity, spent and entire episode screaming about how they were doomed without actually attempting anything, the protagonist says he’ll step forward to deal with it, and then we cut to the end and declare it dealt with. Off screen. Over the course of a grueling multi-day battle. No, you can’t see it. What do you think this is? A show where we animate things? 

This is goddamned embarrassing. And that’s even before we get to all these introduced characters still being sidelined and having no purpose except to be obnoxious fanservice bait, screaming, hyperventilating imbeciles, or both. Why are we seeing yet another flashback for this idiot? If you replaced her with a desk lamp, the script would need zero revisions, and Denji making out with a lamp would probably work better for the humor to boot. The adversity was overcome off screen by the first thing they tried, so they could make more time for trashy fanservice. Bloody stellar.

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