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Mega Moose #19 — Anthology of Disinterest

December 2nd, 2022


Guess it’s back to filler.


So… The Mad Max kids are going to high school now and… that’s their whole deal which eats upabout five minutes. The stalker twins get shanghaied into eating Earthling food by some randos and then stalk the protagonists to a mall where they (the protagonists) are haunted by flashbacks while looking at mannequins and/or Baby Gap clothes. Meanwhile, the stalkers are distracted by girly clothing and, once again, thus ends their existence in the episode, having not actually attempted nor done anything except consume another third or so of the episode.

Then we have some briefing about overall logistics, as if they mean anything whatsoever, check in on the half-alien baby to name it, and then, on the literally opposite side of the world, we cut over to characters who have not been seen a single time this entire episode who have run into a quite literally random swarm of worms, because I guess we’ve got to fight something. So first, let’s fight something else, somewhere else. Oh, right. Back to the worms. What on earth even was this episode? Every sentence here is disconnected to all the others, unrelated to anything, and does absolutely nothing to advance any characters or plot. Why does it exist? Why am I bothering?


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