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An attempt was made to introduce a male to the ecosystem.


Episodes like this don’t help shake the feeling that the show has already run through all the jokes that it cares to do and is just coasting until the episode count is up. It’s the end of summer vacation now, so they go out. Which is to say that it’s twenty minutes of the red one yelling “Let’s do things!” and the other three respond with “But I’m hot/tired/poor.” Every now and then, something jumps in to temporarily liven things up, be it a swarm of angry birds, or just some crazy dudes doing hypnotic dances to try to pick up 16 year olds, but those are brief and drowned out by the static hum that is the rest of the episode.

I genuinely don’t know what more there is to say about it. There was no episodic plot, or anything character driven, and the only two passable gags were the birds and dudes. It was a pure padding episode that didn’t even have much in the way of crazy Bocchi delusions or faces.


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