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Silly Faces Rock! #08 — Extra Dramatic Weather Patterns

November 26th, 2022


Weird how it cleared right up like that.

I didn’t skip Mega Moose yesterday, it was simply off again for more production delays. Maybe I will be done with it though. This season has been quite dull even without having been off for nearly a month now.


I expected more and/or better from throwing the drunk into the group, but they barely even acknowledge she exists, and she doesn’t do much of anything either. The whole thing is pretty much a fat load of nothing for that matter. There’s a big storm, so there’s not too many people at the show, but is that unusual or unexpected for some random kids in a basement? If anything, the other band members collectively got like, three other people to show up, who spent the whole thing on their phones. Or maybe it’s just that it’s super duper hard to draw more people whose designs can’t just be recycled from past episodes. Or people performing for that matter.

But even that’s over and done with after about eight minutes and it’s time to move on to the real meat of the episode, sitting around a table, eating. A thin excuse for everybody to reiterate their gimmick until they decide that it’s time to be dramatic, so it’s outside, where the weather has completely cleared up already and there’s not a single cloud in the sky for maximum starry skies, so they can explain how ackshawwwwwlllly all this was super meaningful and springtime of youth and dreams and such do a title drop. Character drama is not the show’s strength. Everybody is superficial and oftentimes, nigh indistinguishable from at least two other characters in the show.

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