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The Witch From Mercury #07 — Every Wrong Lesson Imaginable

November 20th, 2022


I really shouldn’t be sympathizing with the ‘evil’ adults.


They really needed a week off for this episode? If I was conspiracy minded, I might think that an episode about a bunch of rich people throwing money at an imbecile high off their own farts in order to own the hypocritical woke illuminati. Not that the step up to it made any sense either. A bunch of creepy lunatics appear out of nowhere and start spewing out conspiracy theories with zero evidence at a gala, and the entire world just goes “They make a good point. There probably were child slaves in that pizza parlor’s basement. Let’s ignore that their proof is how they’ve got their own child slave pizza setup since they said they’d shut it down now.”

Frankly, the multiple people calling Miorine a spoiled, privileged brat who is acting like she’s worked hard for her wealth and status were the smartest of the lot, so of course, the lesson here learned is that she yells out a half-assed plan to throw money and status at the problem, which, again, is a bunch of weird creepy heads with access to the lighting to make their ranting seem ominous, and wins everybody over in an instant, becoming an instant billionaire. I’m serious. She literally runs to daddy and yells “Money, please!” This… This is how she shows that she’s her own person. And of course, all that Suletta does for the entire episode is continue to plaintively whimper that her gundam isn’t a gundam. What protagonists.


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