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The Witch From Mercury #09 — Harem vs Harem

December 4th, 2022


Random explosions. Loud noises.


A pretty confusing episode, and I’m not talking about Suletta pulling yet more magic powers out of her ass to nullify the anti-magic powers that the other side pulled out of their ass either. What ever happened to some basic physics, ingenuity, and grit as a way to win fights? “Oh no, it looks like we might lose our first fight ever. I better look deep inside myself and find the power to not lose a fight ever.” This does it for people? But that’s not the confusing part. That signifier has to go to all the different random nonsense from the side characters. There’s just like 15 random seconds where one of them screams “This is personal!” the other replies “But why?” and then ten minutes later it’s a throwaway joke. Are these the remnants of discarded scripts? Or a cry for help.

It’s frustrating too, because you’d think they could be using this as a chance to highlight some of them, but no. They are quite literally throwaway pawns, treated as such by both the antagonists and the protagonists, and it’s especially galling for the protagonists to be acting that way. Suletta is more bothered by her robot seemingly throwing a tantrum than she is by these people wailing in anguish, and Miorine is if anything worse. They could have used this as a way to show that Team Protagonist is different and better, that they’re not a disposable harem. Put together a plan involving all of them, or give each one some part in the fight that contributed to the win. But no. It was all just to job in this weird arbitrary team fight so that Suletta could win the 1v6 until the other side kamikazed her. Yay team. 

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