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「召喚したら魔狼でした」 (Shōkan Shitara Marō Deshita)
“The Wolf Summoned Hither”

I’m still having lots of fun with this show. The final boss arachnid woman seems to have been but a mere temporary distraction, as very early on, the episode establishes that the battle between this monster and Fran is taking place simultaneously while Shishou, Amanda, and the rest of the crew are searching for them. However much suspension of disbelief you must suspend in order to ascertain this as true, I recommend you do so because the episode makes it very clear that even though these two things are happening at the same time, they are not mutually exclusive. But that’s fine – it’s not that big of a deal. When in the end Shishou manages to rally with Fran and all ends well. I mean to say that the tension was palpable on one side, while the other seemed very leisurely about things. The spider lady is taken back and held up, for later use, she got scared of Shishou, and Fran manages to grow a little closer to Amanda. Probably since they all got back together, this is the end of this dungeon for now, and Fran and Shishou are sure to return to a village for a final respite of this cour/season.

So yeah – one little thing that took me by surprise was the whole thing with the surplus mana of the wolf summon. Because Shishou is so powerful all of the extra EXP made the wolf berserk and in the process attack with blind rage at his summoner because the wolf was in pain or something like that. So what’s the solution to this mana overflow problem? Of course, giving the wolf a name. Urushi – The Dark Wolf – is what they came up with. Fine by me I guess, however, this immediately made me think of Tensura so there’s that. But Shishou did mention to announcer-san if this was something like named pets in RPGs I’m sure he’s referring once again to DQ, but I don’t know, and neither do I care. However this magic of names having powers is also interesting in its own right, and I would like to see authors try and give it a new spin, not just use it whenever they need a quick scapegoat when running into a wall. Like here for example, if Shishou hadn’t given him a name the wolf most likely, would have died of mana that he couldn’t control, but again because of all that EXP, the wolf evolved once named. Good soup.

All the episode was very interesting – but this series has been a weird one for me, for most of its runtime I was having fun and everything was peachy, it had just the right amount of violence and gore, yet it was light and fluffy. The more I got to know Shishou the more I like him because he seems like a straight-up guy. I mean he’s a good person and thinks about others before himself. It’s a good trait to have. Fran is super cute and provides enough comedy for the show to feel light. There were one or two jokes that didn’t sit well with me, but you can’t win them all, so I had to let them go. Then it picked back up and now that it’s about to end, I find myself reminiscing about the show we collectively experienced week by week. With 11 episodes under our belt is pretty safe to say that Tensehi Shitara Ken Deshita is a good show with enough comedy to keep things light-hearted. The writing is just okay – and the world and lore are nothing we haven’t seen before, yet that sense of familiarity might feel like home to some.

There is still one more episode to write about, but overall I would say this would be a good watch for anyone interested in the isekai genre that wants some cute fun along the way, with familiar tropes and interesting characters that are sure to provide acquaintance to anyone who is a veteran of the genre.

One more week for the finale! And who is this mysterious new character?!

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