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There are a lot of awesome sports anime out there. Ping Pong the Animation, Ahiru no Sora, both popular manga series that turned into even better anime shows. From classic Toei Animation shows like Slam Dunk and Mushi Productions Ashita no Joe, to Netflix anime shows like Baki and Kengan Ashura, we break down some of the best in sports anime you should be watching right now. Yuri on Ice, Keijo, Free!!, there’s just so many sports anime to choose from. Haikyuu is a shōnen manga series classic, which was written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. Based on the manga by the same name, the Haikyuu anime is a very popular volleyball based anime that fans can’t get enough of. It goes without saying that fans can’t wait to see the second cour of Haikyuu season 4. This may not be a complete list of sports anime to watch (there’s so many!), but these are definitely some of the best sports anime and just a few you should check out!



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