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Chainsaw Man is just the tip of the iceberg. Fall 2022’s Anime lineup is COMPLETELY STACKED! Get ready for some of the best anime you’ve ever seen. These are the Ones to Watch.

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0:00 A Monster Season
2:13 Support Animator Supporters
4:42 Mobile Fighter L Gundam
7:38 Want a Joke About the Title? Do it Yourself!!
10:09 The Citizen Kane of Man Get Hurt Fall Down
12:43 Squid Game But It’s Soccer
14:48 K-On but it’s uncomfortably close to home
16:43 So I’m a Sword, So What?
19:27 Kick-Ass, But Unironically, But It’s An Isekai
22:19 Not All Witches Ride Giant Robots
24:21 The One You Absolutely Need To Watch
26:31 The One With The Chainsaw
29:45 Bonus Recommendations

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