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Everybody had been waiting and anxiously waiting for new updates about The King’s Avatar Season 2 (the live-action), obviously, I am not talking about the donghua since we already had the 2nd season in 2020, and a 3rd season for The King’s Avatar donghua had been announced already in 2021.

Team Samsara Captain Zhou Zekai
Team Samsara’s Captain Zhou Zekai

So, let’s talk about the live-action and a question that many of you might have been asking, especially, those who had been following the web novel and the manga. Who’s playing Zhou Zekai in The King’s Avatar live-action? But more importantly, is The King’s Avatar live-action Season 2 still a thing?

There are a lot of questions going on inside the head of many fans, especially since it’s been almost 3 years since the 1st season ended and we haven’t heard updates about it since then, except for the fact that Tencent has announced that the 2nd season of the live-action had been already in production.

The King's Avatar live season 2

Just like the first season, it took ages too before we get updates about it, fortunately, several promotional videos and even teaser trailers and behind scenes had been revealed on several occasions, on which the opposite is happening with the so-called The King’s Avatar live-action season 2.

Nonetheless, I still hold a bit of hope and definitely looking forward to it. Since one of the most challenging parts of its production is probably fitting all the cast members’ schedules since some of them are also working on their own respective projects.

Now, let’s talk about why I have posted these short updates. Who is Zhou Zekai in The King’s Avatar live-action season 2? Well, in the novel, Zhou Zekai is the captain of Team Samsara, one of the best players in the professional league, and also known as the most handsome. So, this makes a lot of fans, especially ladies out there get excited about who will be cast as Zhou Zekai in the live-action. Unfortunately, no actor had been cast yet.

dd6f3 zhou2bzekai2band2bjiang2bbotao The Challenge of Casting Zhou Zekai in Kings Avatar Season 2 Live Action

If we talked about this, that is quite challenging because when we talk about handsome, the first thing that might come into our head is Yang Yang who portrayed Ye Xiu. Now, it’s quite hard to imagine getting someone who is even more attractive and handsome than Yang Yang, right? So, imagine casting for a character who is more handsome than the actor playing the MC, that might be really challenging.

Nevertheless, The King’s Avatar live action had been called by many the show with pretty faces. After all, most of the actors in the series are known to be handsome and gorgeous, and it might have been one of the redeeming factors of the series if one wasn’t convinced enough of its adaptation side.

I once read in 2019, that The King’s Avatar live action is quite different from what they expected and has quite a difference from the novel. Though I think it does have its own appeal and also gives a different flavor to the story and makes it a bit more human compared to the very technical narrative in the novel.

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