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「彼らの採択」 (Karera no Saitaku)
“Their Choice”

Ahh you got to love it when a Gundam knows how to tease. And by love I mean start questioning just when the goodies are going to get revealed. From (largely expected) reveal previously to now hints of a conflict expected since the start, we are still dancing around the edges of whatever is hiding in plain sight. Based on previous experience this season I’d say we probably won’t get that twist anytime soon – but there’s a season finale rapidly approaching and you damn well know Papa Sunrise isn’t going to let the opportunity go to waste.

With how casually Prospera revealed Aerial’s Gundam status last week, I should be surprised at how equally effortlessly Suletta was roped back into happy times, but ehh, it somewhat makes sense. The big thing this mother-daughter make up session does is confirm that Aerial (and by extension other Gundams) is a black box: no one knows how it works exactly, no one has an idea how to replicate it. Or on the surface. Personally this spiel screams misdirection to me, both in delaying the inevitable reveal of what makes Suletta tick (as Miorine is starting to catch onto) and just what GUND technology, as repeatedly stated, is built on. Why Prospera would want to play this game is anyone’s guess at the moment (though talk of Gundam ideals and mastering space should give a clue or two), but without a doubt don’t take happy mama as innocent mama; this is one determined woman who per prequel fame has a serious axe to grind.

How such secrets get revealed is also likely to emerge through unexpected means via competing corporate interests. To be fair this angle has already been played up earlier this season with Delling and other Benerit Group partners (*looks at Guel*), however this is the first which goes beyond simply eliminating the Gundams, at least at face value. Shaddiq for example is the first rival to emerge which wants to openly use Aerial and Pharact for his own purposes. Unlike Delling or Vim (Guel’s father) there’s no hiding behind prior convention or unctuous claims about saving humanity: it’s pure greed and desire to leave a mark. Shaddiq is making a play to get what he thinks he is owed, yet it’s that action which is likely to throw open (finally) the curtain on what this show is really about.

After all it’s highly unlikely Suletta is going to lose Aerial that easily, and if Elan(‘s clone) cannot defeat Suletta with another Gundam I doubt some purported anti-Gundam machines will be able to do the same. But could those machines, even in failure, happen to discern the truth behind introverted cutie pie and anthropomorphic robot? Oh you best bet on it.

The greatest twists always happen in the heat of the moment, and we’re seemingly looking to finally get this show’s largest one to date.



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