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If you are a girl looking for some sports anime with hot boys or you are just looking for some sports anime that a female might enjoy, look no further. Because today the time has come to count down the top 10 sports anime for girls. I made this list after seeing what my female friends like and recommend. All these sport anime for girls have an interesting plot with a deeper exploration of the characters aside from focusing on the sport. Whether you like anime about famous sports such as volleyball anime, soccer anime or boxing anime, or you enjoy anime about underrated or unknown sports such as skateboarding anime, ice skating anime, water polo anime, surfing anime, or rhythmic gymnastics anime, this list has it all. Some of the sport anime on this list have a full female cast with sport girls others explore the relationships between hot boys playing sports in a sport team. I picked the top 10 sports anime for girls and I believe they are the best sport anime for women. I picked some obvious sport anime shows for women like haikyuu, yuri on ice or free, but you might be surprised by some other lesser know shows. If you are not a girl, do not worry, as I myself have seen almost all of the sport anime on this list and they are not only for girls!

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