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Here are the 20 best free plugins for Adobe After Effects. These plugins will save you time, improve your workflow, fix missing features in After Effects & unlock new possibilities for your animation and motion graphics.

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Plugins Featured:

Reposition Anchor Point
by Nab

Create 3D Shapes
by Nab

Decompose Text
By Nab

AE Juice Gif
by AE juice

rd: Composition Setter
by Jeffrey Almasol

Advanced Selection
By Gregor Urable

Bendy Nulls
by MW motion

Shape Repeater Baker

Rigged Box
By Slemmer Creative

Type Array
Also By Slemmer Creative

Displacer Pro
By PluginEverything

By Michael Delaney

By Michael Delaney

True comp duplicator
By Brennan Chapman

By BattleAxe

By BattleAxe


NEW Plug-In: SABER Now Available 100% Free!

by Video CoPilot

by Video CoPilot

Duik Bassel 2
By RainboxLab

Limber (Affiliate link )
By Steve Kirby & Mike Overbeck

FX Console

[UPDATED] FX Console Updated to V1.0.3 V1.0.5

By VideoCoPilot

Ease Copy
By Mike Overbeck

00:00 Intro
00:43 Create a GIF in After Effects
00:50 Rounding Stokes & Caps
01:04 Advanced Displacement & Datamosh Effect
01:21 Separate Text into Words & Characters
01:28 Create 3D Shapes
01:35 Move/Reposition Anchor Point
01:43 Adjust Multiple Comp Settings
01:54 Select Multiple Layers by Property
02:05 Bend Layers
02:14 Break Apart Shape Repeaters
02:23 Easy UI Rectangle Animation
02:36 Easier Type Animation
02:48 Sort Layers in your Timeline
03:04 Advanced Sequencing of Layers in Timeline
03:16 Duplicate Nested Compositions
03:35 Link Properties of Duplicated Layers
03:52 Create advanced lighting & Energy effects
04:07 Create Photorealistic planets
04:17 In-Depth Character Rigging & Animation
04:35 Simple Intuitive Character Rigging
04:45 Search Effects Toolbar, Save Favourites & Take Screen Captures
05:24 Copy Easing & Motion Curves between Keyframes

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