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Attack on Titan has been the most loved anime show. After it’s release, fans are going crazy for every episode; currently, season 4 has started its release, and the show is gaining a lot of attention. Attack on Titan is all about power and rage. The best part is that there are numerous categories of titans that lure around in the story.

After Ymir Fritz merged with a spine like a creature that came out of a tree, the titans began to emerge. The titan’s race is called Indians or as in the story Subjects of Ymir. These Titans roam around the world, and the people defend themselves by building a big wall around their civilization. So far, there are many titans in the attack on titans shown; here are all Types of Titans in Attack on Titan with different abilities and powers that make the show so much more interesting.

Pure titans

These are the titans that are mindless and go crazy after seeing a human being. They look alike in terms of humans and are dangerous due to their gigantic size. These titans come in different shapes and sizes, mostly ranging from 2-15 m in height. Other superior titans can control these titans, just as shown in many episodes where Erin controls these gigantic creatures to attack the enemy.

 Abnormal Titans

Levi Vs Abnormal titan - YouTube

These titans in appearance are just like the normal titans, but their size can vary from the normal ones. These titans have abnormal behavior, too; they can even ignore a small group of humans and run behind the areas where there are humans in bulks. Some of these abnormal titans do have the ability to speak, and they are completely unpredictable to judge. They are more dangerous in comparison to normal titans.

 Wall titans

Attack on Titan S2 Dub - Titans in the wall - YouTube

These titans are different than normal and abnormal titans. They have the ability to harden themselves and create a crystal-like structure that is extremely tough to penetrate—the walls of the city composed of these hardening titans. The king used their past abilities to make the gigantic walls protect the people from the outside world, where mindless titans lure around to eat humans. These titans have the ability to think and battle accordingly.

Now to understand the next titans, you’ll have to grab some facts about titans and their history to understand better.

2000 years ago, Ymir Fritz gained the ability to turn into a titan by a strange spinal creature. She became the founding titan, and after her death, her powers split into three, which were inherited by her three daughters., Later on, these three powers split into nine and were gained by their descendants. The kin to the kin transfer of power is just because they could remember the past and act accordingly in the future when the titan’s power is inherited. Now let’s take a look at the types of titans that are the show’s main elements.

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Founding titan

The founding titan has enormous powers and the ability to brainwash the whole country at once. It can control other titans, too, and can change their memories. But for the founding titan to wipe out memories of others, a royal blood human is required as soon as the contact between the founding titan and the royal blood is made. The founding titan can turn into its full range and use all its powers. The controlling of other titans is also the main element for the founding titan.

Attack Titan

Attack on Titan Anatomy: 5 Weird Things About Eren Yeager's Titan

Attack titan, as the word describes, the ability to fight, and just like the founding titan, can also gain the memories of his past inheritors. Erin Yeager is the attack titan and can learn new abilities just as he learned how to combat and produce the crystals, just like the wall titans. He could even control other titans when in touch with royal blood.

Colossal Titan

Attack on Titan's New Titan Dwarfs Even the Colossal Titan

The colossal titan is amongst the 9 titans of Ymir. Colossal titans have a gigantic size that is about 60 meters in height. These Titans emit a high amount of heat and steam through their body is impossible for anyone to come near them. Even the attack titan is thrown away easily by colossal titans. Colossal titans can easily break through the walls of Maria, which are considered impenetrable.

Armored Titan

The armored titan has an incredible amount of power. As the name suggests, the body is made up of hard armor that is considered impossible to penetrate even by cannons and heavy attacks. Although the middle-east allied forces, as shown in the first episode of season 4, easily penetrated the armored titan by their anti- titan artillery. These titans are extremely fast on the battlefield and have an enormous amount of energy in them.

Beast titan

Who Is the Beast Titan in 'Attack on Titan' Season 3?

The beast titan has the ability to control other titans and to throw big objects with great accuracy. In the beast titan’s battle with Levi, the titan destroys the whole cavalry by throwing stones into cannonballs for Normal humans. Beast titan can easily talk, too, and has exceptional abilities. It can think like a mastermind and make his fellow normal titans his army.

Cart titan

Attack on Titan Releases Episode 55 Synopsis

These titans can carry heavy equipment to the battlefield moreover;, they can even be loaded with modern gears to fight alongside. These titans have a tremendous amount of stamina and can stay in the titan form for a long time period. Cart titans can be extremely helpful on the battlefield carrying ammunition and helping fellow mates.

Female titan

Attack On Titan (PS4 Lets Play EPISODE 15): The Female Titan Appears?! Armin vs The Female Titan - YouTube

Such types of titans have extreme intelligence and can act with accuracy and speed. The downside is the female titans are attractive to the pure titans, and they follow the female titan everywhere. Not only attraction, but the pure titan tends to eat the female titan too, which is really easy to die situation. However, attracting pure titans leads more Titans to turn towards the city and destroy the humans.

Jaw titan

Attack On Titan: The Jaw Titan's Identity & Backstory Explained

Jaw titans are comparatively small in size and are extremely fast. As shown in the show, the jaw titan can tear apart the armored titan’s skin, and the bite force of the jaw titan is incredible. The small size gives mobility and makes it more dangerous.

War hammer titan

Attack On Titan Releases New Poster For Season Four

This titan will soon be shown in the upcoming episodes. As the manga of attack on titans has war hammer titan in the storyline. The war hammer titan has the ability to change the form of his body flesh into pointy objects and throw them in the war zone. This show is available to stream on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

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