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Super Mario World Guitar Cover – Athletic – Super Guitar Bros
You can find the video here:
And download their whole album for free here!

Kenkura -Extended Stay (Zelda Music)

don’t read this ok

hiakyu or should I say haikyuu or should i say haikyuu!! is a sports anime made in 2014 about a bunch of volleyball kids. Anyway this is my haikyuu review I hope ytou like it haha oh this is only season 1 by the way. The opening is cool ig and the ost is cool ig also. Hinata is a dumb name foor him though, did’nt those idioits already know naruto took that one??? stupid. Anyway if you want a nice sports anime this is my reaction to it, I provide only the best anime reviews don’t I guys? so watch it ok ill talk about the ost opening animation, all of that even karasuno and stuff. Scamboli reviews – out


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